20 Details From "Star Trek" Movies That You Definitely Didn’t Notice

    Resistance is futile with these highly logical details.

    Someone has done the math, and there are over 650 hours (27 days) of Star Trek content. You could spend a solid month combing all the shows and movies to find all the best Easter eggs, or you can just check them out here!

    The Enterprise falls towards Earth

    1. Star Trek: Generations featured the only child of a member of the original series. Well, except one.

    Demora Sulu

    2. In Star Trek: Beyond, Kirk says it’s the 966th day of the ship’s 5-year mission. This is a reference to the date that started it all.

    Chris Pine as Captain Kirk

    3. “Space, the final frontier…” When Nimoy says the classic Star Trek lines in Wrath of Khan, it was the first time fans had heard it in 13 years (and slightly different than the original).

    Star Trek 2 Khan

    4. The USS Grissom in The Search for Spock was named after a real-life astronaut.

    USS Grissom

    5. In Star Trek (2009), Leonard Nimoy and Eric Bana had their mouths replaced by CGI.

    Leonard Nimoy as Spock

    6. Dr. Boyce in Into Darkness was a reference to the original series.

    Dr. Boyce

    7. Star Trek (2009) finally gave Uhura the linguistic skills Nichelle Nichols knew the character had in Undiscovered Country.

    Zoe Saldana in "Star Trek"

    8. What do the lines “Luke, I am your father,” “I pity the fool,” and “Scotty, beam me up” all have in common?

    Kirk calling Scotty

    9. In Wrath of Khan, there is a reference to a running Star Trek gag.

    James Kirk

    10. Composer Michael Giacchino dropped some music from a classic TOS episode in Into Darkness.


    11. The opening credits of The Search for Spock leave room for a missing character.

    Search for Spock opening credits

    12. A “green space hand” is mentioned in Star Trek: Beyond, which is a reference to the original series.


    13. At the end of First Contact, Cochran salutes someone with a rich family history.


    14. You may think a ton of props from the original series were used in The Motion Picture, but Uhura’s earpieces were the only ones that made it.


    15. Star Trek: First Contact sees the USS Defiant finally doing what it was built to do.

    The U.S.S. Defiant

    16. In Star Trek: Beyond, the escape pods are named after the USS Kelvin, which Kirk’s father piloted in Star Trek (2009).

    Kelvin pod

    17. In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, may of the extras were superfans.

    18. Simon Pegg’s Scotty is asked to “show his other hand” in Into Darkness, a reference to actor James Doohan, who played Scotty in the original series.

    Simon Pegg as Scotty

    19. There is a ship in The Search for Spock that has made several appearances as space junk in The Next Generation.

    Alternate model for the Excelsior

    20. Cochrane having difficulty with the Vulcan salute in First Contact is a reference to everyone who has the same struggle.

    Cochrane has difficulty doing the Vulcan salute