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    29 Will Smith Reaction GIFs For Your Every Need

    In honor of his 46th birthday.

    1. When you find out the juiciest gossip.

    NBC Productions /

    2. When you're in shock.

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    3. When you have to dress up for a fancy event.

    Columbia Pictures /

    4. When someone comes at you with an excuse that's hella lame.

    5. When it's Friday and you just got out of work.

    NBC Productions /

    6. When someone that's not your close friend asks you a personal question.

    NBC Productions /

    7. When you found out that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa broke up.

    8. Whenever you see a happy couple and you're single.

    9. When your best friend throws some amazing shade.

    NBC Productions /

    10. Every time your bae does something inspiring.

    11. When it's time to reevaluate your diet.

    NBC Productions /

    12. When you're home alone without any adult supervision.

    NBC Productions /

    13. When someone just isn't understanding what you're trying to explain.

    14. When your friend shows up wearing something that's not very flattering.

    NBC Productions /

    15. When you literally can't even.

    16. When you find out your favorite pizza place has been shut down.

    NBC Productions /

    17. When you're trying to study.

    18. When someone asks if you're wearing the same clothes you were in yesterday.

    Columbia Pictures / / Via

    19. When you get a Seamless discount code.

    NBC Productions /

    20. When you're at home on a Friday night.

    21. When someone just can't handle the truth.

    NBC Productions / / Via

    22. When you're bored at a family dinner.

    NBC Productions /

    23. When you've just realized you gotta hit the bathroom FAST.

    24. When you show up late to the club and try to blend in.

    NBC Productions /

    25. When you're dancing with someone but not really into them.

    NBC Productions /

    26. When you're sitting in class and you are SO into it.

    NBC Productions /

    27. When someone calls you by the wrong name.

    NBC Productions /

    28. When your entire mind has been blown.

    NBC Productions /

    29. And finally: for when you're gettin' jiggy wit it.

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