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The "Fraggle Rock" Movie Is Really Happening

Dance your cares away: a script is about to be written.

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A Fraggie Rock movie has been a rumor for some time and now, The Hollywood Reporter broke news that the deed is now done:

Rango co-writer Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian have been happed to pen the script for Fraggle Rock, New Regency’s big-screen adaptation of the 1980s musical puppet series created by Jim Henson.

A feature has long been in the works at other companies with the property being set up at New Regency in 2011.

And don't worry Muppet purists, the The Jim Henson Co. is producing along with the Montecito Picture Co.

Worried about the duo's credientials? So am I, but their background sounds promising. Jim Byrkit's former credits include Rango and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies while Manugian is a former Cartoon Network executive. As long as they do Sprocket justice, I think I'll be fine.

This calls for celebration and there's no happier way to do it than by hitting play on the video below:

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