The 55 Best Things Found In MTV’s “House Of Style” Archives

Great news, everybody! MTV has released old episodes of House Of Style online for you to stream in their entirety. Here’s why you should be excited.

1. This oversized bow on Claudia Shiffer’s head

2. The hair on these Metallica fans

3. Jon Stewart interviewing Calvin Klein

4. Naomi Campbell walking the runway in a Marilyn Monroe print Versace dress

5. Sylvester Stallone’s round sunglasses

6. Cindy Crawford doing Angie’s leg first

7. Denis Leary’s shorts

8. Donnie Wahlberg’s peace sign necklace

9. Hanging out on the set of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”

10. Young Richard Gere

11. Winona Ryder wore this one day

12. Dennis Rodman wearing a tiny patriotic bathing suit

13. The Beastie Boys talking about their style

14. Prince’s Glam Slam clubs

15. This Milli Vanilli t-shirt, hot off the presses

16. Paul Smith gives Dee Dee Ramone a makeover

17. Andre Leon Talley’s sunglasses

18. Linda Evangelista’s cute bob

19. Salt-N-Pepa modeling Summer styles

20. This look

21. This glove

22. Jean Paul Gaultier holding a pair of briefs

23. Bjork’s signature style

24. Duran Duran trying on dresses

25. This hair

26. Shirtless Jason Alexander

27. Sandra Banhardt’s studded green dress

28. This look inside Will Smith’s closet

29. Lars Ulrich’s old hair

30. Cindy’s jacket

31. Jeff Daniels holding the extra buttons to his shirt

33. Claudia Shiffer in Versace

34. Naomi Campbell acting sweet

35. Rod Stewart’s Hair

36. Gwen Stefani working out at Eqiunox

37. How Anna Wintour looked in 1993

38. Chris Farley’s favorite flea market find

39. Carré Otis on a bike

40. Billy Idol’s shirt

42. Kate Moss’s blue eyeshadow

43. Steven Tyler’s unchanging lips

44. Lil Kim being interviewed about her now-infamous VMA outfit

45. Cindy Crawford and Tracey Ullman in robes with curlers in their hair

46. Betsey Johnson’s hair

47. Remember Stussy?

48. Nikki Taylor at 17

49. Queen Latifah (who is apparently ageless)

50. Selma Blair wearing one of those weird 90s headbands

51. Flava Flav

52. This Todd Oldham number

53. Whatever is happening here

55. And of course, this!

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