6 Amazing Moments And 6 Awkward Moments From The Global Citizen Festival

    Multiple people were booed.

    Yesterday, I attended the Global Citizen Festival, where celebs like Mariah Carey, Charlie Puth, Metallica, and more performed for countless positive causes.

    Mariah Carey onstage

    However, it was basically like one long-ass award show, which means there were amazing moments — and some awkward ones, too. Here are some of the best:

    AMAZING: Mariah Carey returned to the stage and slayed the Late Night Valentine's Mix of "We Belong Together":

    Mariah Carey singing her iconig We Belong Together climax 32 years into her career. This is what a legend looks like

    Global Citizen Festival / Via youtube.com

    Mariah belted out the Valentine's Mix of her smash hit "We Belong Together."

    AWKWARD: Way too many speakers.

    The amount of “inspirational” speakers today at global citizen was way too much. Performances were like 10 minutes while the speakers talked for like 40 minutes. The event itself was also pretty unorganized. There was only 1 entrance/exit line and VERYYY crowded because of that

    Twitter: @britneyxmariah

    Fans noted that there were waaaay too many speakers. It's true — it seemed like the crowd was constantly waiting and waiting and waiting for each segment to be over, so that the performer could come on next.

    AMAZING: Charlie Puth had a super cute "New York State of Mind" moment:

    . @charlieputh singing new york state of mind is so freaking powerful and angelic #GlobalCitizen

    Global Citizens Festival / Via youtube.com

    The 30-year-old New Jersey native sang the Billy Joel cover, asking fans to look out at the skyline. It was a pretty cute moment, TBH.

    AWKWARD: People booed the mayor of New York City Eric Adams:

    People booing the mayor of New York City

    AMAZING: Mickey Guyton joined Metallica on their set for an incredible surprise:

    .@MickeyGuyton joining @Metallica for “Nothing Else Matters” was an amazing treat for the @GlblCtzn Festival crowd in New York City. Guyton offered her own take on the song for The Metallica Blacklist Album, so it was pretty awesome to see her join Metallica to sing it.

    Twitter: @ult_metallica

    Mickey and the heavy metal band slayed "Nothing Else Matters" in front of 60,000 fans. A moment.

    AWKWARD: Priyanka Chopra stumbled on her words a little in this moment:

    Priyanka Chopra speaking

    AMAZING: Joe Jonas performed his brother Nick's hit "Jealous":

    Jealous by Joe Jonas 😆

    Twitter: @lreynolds1993

    Although it's Nick's song, Joe hopped on the live rendition and truly delivered. Woooh, Joe CAN SING.

    AWKWARD: Nancy Pelosi was also booed:

    Nancy Pelosi booed in Central Park NYC.

    Twitter: @BFN3000

    While talking about climate change, House Speaker Pelosi was booed loudly by the crowd.

    AMAZING: Rosalía stopped and took so many selfies with fans.

    Rosalia posing for photos with fans

    AWKWARD: I witnessed a barricade topple over because of this.

    The crowd during a concert

    AMAZING: The causes — at the forefront of the festival was equality, equity, feminism, climate change, and so much more.

    People onstage raising their hands

    AWKWARD: Angélique Kidjo slayed, but her audio went out for a few moments during her performance:

    Angélique Kidjo onstage

    What did y'all think of Global Citizen Festival? Let me know in the comments below!