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    19 Incredibly Simple Steps I Took To Be A Little Bit More Eco-Friendly

    And you can too.

    1. I stopped using plastic water bottles.

    2. I started buying from the bulk bins.

    3. I stopped using plastic bags for food storage and started using all of my mason jars instead.

    4. I always keep a reusable bag with me so I'll always have a bag when shopping.

    5. I stopped using paper cups for tea and coffee.

    6. I invested in a good loose-leaf tea steeper.

    7. I invested in a set of stainless steel containers to bring my snacks on the go.

    8. I bring reusable produce bags to the grocery store.

    9. I'm more intentional with the brands I spend my money on.

    10. I started using toilet paper made from bamboo, a sustainable alternative to trees.

    11. I use bars of soap in the shower.

    12. I exclusively use LED and CFL lights.

    13. When my old razor died, I bought a new razor made from recycled ocean plastic.

    14. I replaced my hair ties with biodegradable ones that are made without plastic.

    15. I don't ask for straws and only use reusable straws.

    16. I make my own sprays, deodorants, and other beauty products in reusable glass containers.

    17. I became a stickler for recycling.

    18. I started using a menstrual cup.

    19. I went vegan.

    What sustainable tips do you have to share? Tell us in the comments!