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24 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands That Are Stylish And Helping To Save The Planet

Rid yourself of fast fashion and check out these sustainable brands instead.

1. Alternative Apparel

Eco Cred: This simple, comfortable brand uses non-toxic, low-impact dyes on all eco-fabrics and over 80% of garments are made with sustainable materials and processes.

Price: $

Get the green hoodie here and the off-the-shoulder fleece here.

2. Style Saint

Eco Cred: Style Saint prides itself on using 99% less water than and paying 2000% higher wages than the industry standard. In fact, each item on their shop lists the amount of ethical labor, yards of fabric, and the total amount of water saved for every single item.

Price: $$

Get the skirt here and here.

3. United By Blue

Eco Cred: United By Blue's mission is to clean up water pollution, and for each product sold they'll remove one pound of trash from the oceans, beaches, rivers, streams, creeks, or lake.

Price: $$

Get the dress here and the zip-up jacket here.

4. Amour Vert

Eco Cred: If you speak French, you already know that the brand's name means "Green Love." Their cotton is certified organic, their linen comes chemical-free, their polyester is recycled, and they work with Tencel and Modal from eucalyptus and beech trees, respectively.

Price: $$$

Get the eyelet sweater here and the skirt here.

5. G Star Raw

Eco Cred: G Star Raw is committed to creating products with minimal environmental impact through their use of ethically sustainable materials. When Pharrell Williams signed on in 2015 to work with the brand, they launched Raw for the Oceans, a line of jeans made from the ocean plastic.

Price: $$

Get the jeans here and the bomber jacket here.

6. EcoVibe

Eco Cred: This Portland shop is powered by 100% renewable energy and makes their clothes out of bamboo, modal, tencel, cork, and recycled polyester. Plus, they have a section for curvy women.

Price: $$

Get the dress here and the leggings here.

7. Aeon Row

Eco Cred: Everything made by Aeon Row is made from recycled yarn, which requires no land, water, chemicals, or cotton dyes to produce. They'll also give you 15% off for sending in your unwanted clothes for upcycling!

Price: $

Get the cami here and the white tee here.

8. Mata Traders

Eco Cred: All fabrics are sustainably sourced from a handful of artisans in Nepal and India who are being paid fair wages. The majority of makers are women, thus supporting women artisans and their craft.

Price: $$

Get the dress here and the shirtdress here.

9. Fair Indigo

Eco Cred: Fair Indigo is fair trade (hence the name) and makes their clothes with organic cotton and alpaca. Bonus: When browsing for items online, their website tells you exactly who made the item you're about to purchase.

Price: $

Get the sweaters here and the jumper here.

10. People Tree

Eco Cred: People Tree has been in the sustainable fashion business for over 25 years and pioneered the first integrated supply chain for organic cotton from farm to final product. They are fair trade, promote natural and organic cotton farming, and avoid using chemicals in their products.

Price: $$$

Get the jumpsuit here and the palm tee here.

11. LA Relaxed

Eco Cred: Not only is LA Relaxed full of comfy offerings, they use sustainable, organic and recycled fibers in all of their garments. Employees are paid fairly for their work, and Tencel, modal, and organic cotton are the most-often used fabrics.

Price: $$

Get the dress here and the shirt here.

12. Reformation

Eco Cred: Reformation is ultra-aware of the impact fashion has on our planet, along with global warming. They even have their own way of tracking their environmental footprint called the RefScale that adds the pounds of carbon dioxide emitted and gallons of water used with the pounds of waste we generate.

Price: $$

Get the skirt here and the dress here.

13. Pact

Eco Cred: Pact uses only non-toxic dyes and organic cotton from their family-run farms that run on renewable energy. They are GMO and sweatshop free.

Price: $

Get the sweatpants here and the dress here.

14. Liz Alig

Eco Cred: Liz Alig has gone all-in on fair trade standards since the company's inception and is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. They also upcycle and use many handwoven fabrics.

Price: $$

Get the leggings here and the dress here.

15. Stormie Dreams

Eco Cred: Stormie Dreams strives "to always do more in our part in reducing our carbon footprint and inspiring sustainable responsibility" by using "rescued" fabrics found in Los Angeles and bringing them to life.

Price: $$

Get the dress here and the duster here.

16. Threads For Thought

Eco Cred: This brand uses organic cotton, recycled polyester, and lenzing modal, a fiber made from beech tree pulp that doesn't actually hurt the trees.

Price: $$

Get the dress here and the tee here.

17. Kordal

Eco Cred: NYC-based Kordal's mission is to "create garments in an ethical manner by paying our workers a fair wage, designing garments that are not trend focused, and using natural fibers when possible." One of those natural fibers happens to be alpaca hair, as it's perfect for knitting.

Price: $$$$

Get the dress here and the jumpsuit here.

18. Loomstate

Eco Cred: Loomstate believes their farmers, thread makers, fabric knitters, printers, cutters & sewers are their community, and treat them as such through their supply chain. They also only use organic cotton.

Price: $

Get the blue sweatshirt here and the tan sweatshirt here.

19. Study NY

Eco Cred: Study NY's commitment to sustainability includes a zero waste policy, slow fashion, and weekly visits to their manufacturers of hemp, organic cotton, and other recycled fabrics.

Price: $$$$

Get the sweatshirt here and the tanksuit here.

20. I Am Not A Virgin

Eco Cred: This brand recycles plastic bottles with Polyester and then blends them with cotton to create "a lusciously soft fabric" that's both eco-friendly and comfortable.

Price: $$

Get the dress here and the tee here.

21. Encircled

Eco Cred: This Toronto-based company makes 100% of its offerings in Canada. They use sustainably-sourced blends of Bamboo, Modal, MicroModal and Tencel, and many of their clothes are multi-purposed, like the green cardigan above that can be worn 8 different ways.

Price: $$

Get the cardigan here and the leg warmers here.

22. Winter Water Factory

Eco Cred: This Brooklyn-based company makes all of their clothes with 100% organic cotton and works with products made in the USA. They also have a large line clothes for of babies and children.

Price: $

Get the t-shirt here and the dino tee here.

23. Synergy Clothing

Eco Cred: The uses organic materials, pays fair wages, and was inspired by the founder's travels through the Himalayas.

Price: $$

Get the jacket here and the jumpsuit here.

24. H&M's Conscious Line

Despite being a giant brand, H&M's conscious line is a more budget-friendly way to buy sustainably made clothes. For example, the tee above is made from Lyocell, a rayon made from wood pulp! Read more about the company's eco-friendly efforts here.

Get the bodysuit here and the shirt here.