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Rihanna Cancels Tour Dates, Creates Speculation That She's Pregnant

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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Rihanna was seen leaving a medical center yesterday and between that and how she canceled four upcoming tour dates the tabloids suggest that RiRi is pregnant. This alone isn't anywhere near proof that she has a bun in the oven, but she did recently say that she wants to have a baby soon and she certainly seems to be confused about the current state of her relationship with Chris Brown.

"I always thought of myself as the underdog, because I didn't have nice enough clothes or maybe my hair didn't look good. And so you have to understand – getting your foot in the door is like winning the lottery. It's literally like winning the lottery if you get to have a career. And I've always felt, Okay, now I've gotten this shot, and I'm lucky to have gotten this shot, and if I don't do this to the best of my ability — if I don't work my ass off and make a life of it — I've squandered this incredibly golden opportunity. And that's always been what has propelled me."


"They're young. They're kids," Billy Ray tells ABC News in a Nightline interview to promote his new book, Hillbilly Heart. He adds that they are "great friends." Will they get married? "I don't know." When Bob Woodruff asks him what Miley tells him, the singer/dad replied, "I play it by ear and whatever's meant to be, that's what's going to happen."

Tori Spelling dragged her kids into her "post baby weight loss" photo shoot.

Elisabeth Moss will lend her voice to The Simpsons next fall.

Tracy Morgan will host this year's Billboard Music Awards.

Sharon Osbourne says she won't go back to Ozzy until he's been sober for months.

Kelly Osbourne loves her imperfect body.

Lorne Michaels won't leave Saturday Night Live anytime soon.

Jennifer Aniston is doing that cupping thing.

Sir Ben Kingsley's parents sound like total jerks.

Get out of there, Jessica Biel.