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    Lori Beth Denberg Resurfaces In An Episode Of "Workaholics"

    Believe it: the former star of All That turned up in the latest episode of Comedy Central's Workaholics — and she was stoned as hell.

    Things to know before watching this clip: the guys have come across a new weed dealer, played by Rumer Willis. She invites the guys to tag along to a delivery to a "celebrity client's house" and, well, you know where this is going:

    Today, the Workaholics tumblr wrote about the episode:

    We were thrilled to have Lori Beth Denberg cameo in “True Dromance” as one of The Girl With a Tattoo of a Dragon/Lisa’s celebrity clients. It seems you were too, as Lori Beth was trending on Twitter during the episode.While the guys had to pay $250 an hour to be graced with her presence, we’d have gone as high as $375 (and only that low as we need most of our doseph to pay for Adam’s belly button piercing replacement).
    I got some vital information for ya: I'm high as fuck!