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    Lindsay Lohan And Her Beach Club Are Getting A Reality TV Show, So Set Your DVR

    "Get ready."

    This morning MTV announced that they've given the greenlight to a new reality series based on Lindsay Lohan and her latest business venture, Lohan Beach Club.

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    So far, we know the show's working title is Lohan Beach House and that it's already started filming as Lindsay opens the third location in Mykonos.

    So what's the show actually about? Per MTV, the show will follow employees as they bring the Lohan Beach Club vision to life:

    Lohan will lead a team of handpicked brand ambassadors to make her mark on the vacation capital of the world. Over the course of the season, Lohan’s team must prove their expertise, ambition and charm while helping bring Lohan’s vision to life. The stakes are high as the team establishes new friendships and alliances while striving to rise above the temptations the Mykonos nightlife scene has to offer.

    Sounds familiar! Which makes me wonder... will she be a hard-ass boss like Lisa Vanderpump?

    So far we've already seen Lindsay publicly yell at her employees for not wearing matching shoes, so it seems like she'll at least be acting tough.

    Or will this series feature the honest side of Lindsay with lots of ~real moments~ like her docu-series with Oprah?

    And will she shade reality TV again, despite being on a reality show herself?

    Whatever the case may be, I'll be tuning in for sure.