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Lindsay Lohan Just Snapped On Her Beach Club Employees For Not Wearing The Same Shoes And I'm YELLING

"Wear the same shoes please...or you're fired."

Lindsay Lohan: She’s a party kween, a redhead icon, Annie and Hallie from The Parent Trap — and also a beach club owner, I’ve just recently discovered.

(Earlier this summer, LiLo opened Lohan Beach House in Greece, with locations in both Mykonos and Rhodes.)

Weeeeeell, on Friday, the Lohan Beach House in Rhodes Insta'ed this pic of two of its silk-clad staff members:

And when the H.B.I.C. herself saw the pic...

...she SNAPPED.

At first, people thought Lindsay was just ~messin' 'round~:

That is, until she cleared the matter the FUCK 👏 UP 👏:

She's, like, totally serious, you guys.

But I mean, like...

...she's not wrong.

Sorry, I said it!!!!!!!

So in conclush, you BEST NOT wear out-of-uniform shoes around LiLo's establishment or she will COME 🔪 FOR 🔪 YOU 🔪 in the comments.

And for what it's worth: It's always safer to just stick with a strappy nude heel. 💁