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Katy Perry And John Mayer Have Already Broken Up

The end of a brief-yet-bizarre celebrity pairing and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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"They'll end up as friends. They were honestly having fun. People made it out to be far more than it was."


Ashton Kutcher is "begging" Demi Moore to divorce him so he can get on with Mila Kunis.

NBC is giving real housewife Adrienne Maloof her own spinoff reality show.

Eli Roth got rufied and almost raped by a mother and a daughter?

Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman allegedly had a falling out while filming Les Miserables.

When Donald Faison met Boba Fett.

Snoop Dogg's football tips.

Ryan Lochte and a puppy.

Another day, another story about Randy Travis getting into trouble after drinking: on Sunday he was involved in a drunken fight in a church parking lot.

Malin Ackerman will play Tessa's mom on Suburgatory.

Elizabeth Olsen is so famous now that she won't wear Mary Kate and Ashley's label anymore.

Kate Middleton's Playboy centerfold cousin Katrina Darling had this to say about Harry's naked pics: "I was shocked that the public were surprised that there is a young man having fun, partying and being comfortable with his body."

On that note, Chippendales wants Prince Harry for their show, not that he would ever entertain the idea.

Stephen Baldwin was arrested yesterday in New York City for making an illegal U-turn in Harlem.

Eminem got more tattoos.

Mandy Moore ran into her ex Zach Braff at a the Chateau Marmont. Awkward!

Tyson Beckford is offering modeling lessons for $25,000 a pop.

Rufus Wainwright got married!

Happy Friday: here's Olivia Wilde in a bikini.