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Michael Bublé Shaded Tony Danza After He Was Super Rude To A Red Carpet Reporter

Don't touch people.

You know Michael Bublé — voice of an angel and overall treasure.

closeup of michael

And you may know Tony Danza. He's an accomplished actor who starred in Who's the Boss? and Taxi.

closeup of tony

Anyway, Tony attended the Broadway premiere of New York, New York last night, where he was interviewed on the red carpet by host Rye Myers.

Want to see one of the more crazier moments from my time on the red carpets? Here it is with #TonyDanza 😨🫠

It’s him touching my face that has me a little 🫣.

But I handled it beautifully because I’m professional.😉#redcarpet #celebritiesbehavingbadly #rude #broadway pic.twitter.com/iVvmE0Kpxh

— Rye Myers (@rye_myers) April 27, 2023

He told Rye to "relax." Then he said to Rye, "You're more excited than we are — take it easy."

rye interviewing tony

During the interview, Rye proceeded to ask Tony what his favorite New York City staple food is. Pretty easy question. Well, Tony responded and said, "You know what you’ve got to do, buddy, you’ve got to come up with better questions." THEEEN... he touched his face.

tony touching Rye's face

Tony then walked away.

tony caught walking away

Rye shared the clip on his TikTok page, where it garnered 113,000 views and thousands of comments.

One of those commenters was none other than Mr. Bublé, who wrote this:

i think you're amazing Ry. i'll have a pizza with ya let's not invite tony

Yasss, Michael. And as a red carpet reporter myself, I wish celebs would be less like Tony and more like Michael.

michael on stage

What did y'all make of this situation? Let me know in the comments below!