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Jennifer Lawrence's 19 Best Moments At The Oscars

Even though she didn't win, J.Law is still the best.

1. When she hid behind a statue like this.

2. When she made this face.

3. When she got bored halfway through Matthew McConaughey's speech and started chatting up the girl standing next to her.

4. When she and Bradley Cooper laughed the exact same way.

5. When she was adorably embarassed...

6. ...because Ellen called her out for falling last year.

7. And also for this year.

8. That's probably because she was so worried about falling again this year that she admitted to trying out her dress on a staircase beforehand.


9. When she ran into Cate Blanchett...

...and neither of them wanted to let go.

10. When Nicholas Hoult looked at her adorably and our heart grew a thousand sizes.

11. When she walked on stage and called out whoever was laughing in the front row.

12. When she swatted a fly away during a red carpet interview.

13. When she danced like this.

14. When she and Lupita Nyong'o hugged...

...and held hands.

15. When she did this thing with her arm on the red carpet.

16. When this happened.

17. She participated in a selfie with a ton of really famous people — which resulted in the most retweeted tweet OF ALL TIME.

I guess you could say it was pretty great.

18. When she shared her thoughts on nervousness:

19. And finally: when Ellen Degeneres made her pizza dreams come true.