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Gwyenth Paltrow's Trainer Talks About Her Problem Areas

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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"[She] had 35 extra pounds on her. Her butt was long and she had outer thigh problems. Gwyneth is lucky because she's really tall, so she can hide it really well in clothes, but she had significant problem areas. I felt so badly for her, and thought I could really help. So, I agreed, and she did everything I asked. Now, seven years later, she looks younger every year; she's totally transformed."


Lindsay Lohan will play the illegitimate daughter of Kenny Powers on Eastbound and Down.

Will Arnett is supposedly dating celebrity chef (and Billy Joel's ex) Katie Lee.

Ashton Kutcher says his Two And A Half Men costar Amber Tamblyn is "awesome."

WWE wrestler Darren Young came out of the closet!

Kim Kardashian was seen for the first time since giving birth.

Keri Russell says her awesome abs come from her "exhaustion."