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    19 Family-Friendly Movies People Can't Believe Were Actually Made

    I guess School of Rock isn't as much of an innocent story as we thought.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite movies somehow got made by Hollywood despite the odds. We rounded up their responses, and then zeroed in on the bizarre family-friendly movies that shouldn't have been made below.

    1. Bee Movie

    DreamWorks Animation

    "WHO decided that was a good idea?!?! It makes no sense and is totally absurd. I can't even comprehend how weird it is."


    2. School of Rock

    Paramount Pictures

    "When I was a kid I thought it was just a fun movie about a guy who changes kids' lives by teaching them to be rockstars. NO! He steals his roommate's identity, pretends to be a teacher for cash, distracts the children from their studies before eventually kidnapping them for a rock band competition with a cash prize which was his ONLY REASON FOR FORMING THE BAND IN THE FIRST PLACE! And he gets away with it... the fuck?!"


    3. Son of the Mask

    New Line Cinema

    "The movie is so bad I have no idea why it was made. As a kid I loved it and thought it was funny but as an adult rewatching it, it’s really cringe-y and unwatchable."


    4. Baby Geniuses

    Crystal Sky Worldwide

    "Baby Geniuses is pretty awful. It also somehow spawned a sequel, which is supposedly even worse than the first."


    "All of the Baby Geniuses movies."


    5. The Emoji Movie

    Columbia Pictures

    "I think it goes without saying, but The Emoji Movie was really bad. Like, really, really bad."


    "Honestly we all should've known it was gonna suck."


    6. The Cat in the Hat

    Universal Pictures

    "Bless my mom who was forced to deal with me insisting on watching that three times a day when I was five."


    7. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

    Columbia Pictures

    "I was like, 'what the hell am I watching?!' but eventually I thought it was kinda fun!"


    8. The Secret of Mulan

    Schwartz & Company

    "For a reason I cannot explain there is a Mulan remake except all characters are insects and Mulan herself is a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly..."


    9. Bratz

    Crystal Sky Pictures, MGA Entertainment

    "The Bratz movie. It was just so...odd? And the acting. Terrible."


    10. Back To The Future

    Universal Pictures

    "It's an amazing movie, but watch John Mulaney's bit about it, and you'll be questioning why it ever got greenlit. I mean, a high school kid is best friends with a disgraced nuclear physicist, who could be either 40 or 80, we're not really sure. They never explain how they became friends or even met. They go back to the past (back to the past!), and he almost sleeps with his mom. WTF? No shade, this movie is great, but it's really bizarre when you think about it."


    11. Rover Dangerfield

    Hyperion Pictures

    "Rodney Dangerfield in animated dog form, written and produced by Rodney Dangerfield because... reasons? It's a G-rated kid movie β€” despite the fact that children likely had no idea who he was β€” where Rodney makes G-rated jokes despite the fact his entire fan base was adults who liked his R-rated jokes."


    12. Woody Woodpecker

    Universal 1440 Entertainment

    "The recent Woody Woodpecker movie with Timothy Odmunson. I only watched it because my young sibling had started watching it on Netflix. I wanted to throw the remote at the TV the entire film."


    13. Tom and Jerry: The Movie


    "Stefon voice: This movie has EVERYTHING: They talk, they sing, they save an orphan from money obsessed pathological liars and animal abusers and from a pedophile pirate. A wild and horrible ride from start to finish. It feels like a rip off and a betrayal all at once. What a masterpiece."


    14. The Master of Disguise

    Happy Madison Productions

    "Just awful. So awful. Love Dana Carvey but no. No, no, no."


    15. Leo The Lion

    Dujass Film / Via

    "It's an animated movie which stars a vegetarian lion. That's weird enough. But you know what's even stranger?

    Number 1: He falls in love with an elephant at the end and has lion-elephant hybrid babies.

    Number 2: There's a musical number that is literally a shot-for-shot recreation β€” er, ripoff β€” of "Be Prepared" from The Lion King.

    Number 3: He sings a song called "I'm A Vegetarian" that is the most painfully insipid song in animated movie history.

    Number 4: This movie was sponsored by the Italian national arts commission. THE ITALIAN GOVERNMENT STOOD BEHIND THIS MOVIE. Why is the country that brought us spaghetti, Venice, and the Sistine Chapel endorsing this trainwreck? This makes me mad and I'm not *lion*." β€”florida_flamingo_girl

    16. Tron


    "I watched it with my cousin and we both were bored out of our minds wondering why the film was even had a no storyline."


    17. Titanic: The Legend Goes On

    Medusa Film

    "There's this animated Titanic movie with a rapping dog in it, questionable stereotypes with mice and a weird kind of Cinderella plot going on with the main lead. Thing is I loved this one as a kid. We used to watch it all the time at my grandma's house."


    18. Gooby

    Coneybeare Stories, Gooby Entertainment

    "If you see it, just remember it took 6.5 million dollars to make."


    19. A Talking Cat!?!

    Rapid Heart Pictures / Via

    "There's a cat. He talks. He can only talk to a person once. He somehow magically solves everyone's problems. His mouth is Photoshopped on, and he's not even the same cat shown on the poster. Oh, and there's a highly annoying song looping in the background for the entirety of the movie. How did this movie get produced, and why is the cat voiced by Eric Roberts?" β€”florida_flamingo_girl

    Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Do you have a movie in mind that you just can't believe was made? Let us know in the comments!

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