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    What's A Movie That You Can't Believe Was Actually Made?

    So many titles to choose from.

    Have you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself, "Hold on... WHAT am I watching and how did this even get made?!"

    For example, I was flipping through channels the other day when I came upon From Justin To Kelly and the thought struck me: who decided that a competition-based reality show would translate to the silver screen?

    Or how about Tiptoes, a movie about a community of little people in which Gary Oldman pretends to be one by walking around on his knees for the entire movie.

    Or what about about Paris Hilton's rudely titled The Hottie and the Nottie back in 2008? Besides Paris, who actually thought this was a good idea?

    And then there's my favorite traumatic-ish movie from childhood, Super Mario Bros., which brought Mario and Luigi to life in a hyperrealistic, nightmarish way.

    Now I want to hear your favorite bizarre movie that you can't believe got the green light. Add your suggestions below along with a sentence or two about why you love (or love to hate) it, and your answer might be chosen in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!