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23 Celebs Who Lost Their Shit During Beyoncé's Grammys Performance

"I cannot breathe." —Chrissy Teigen

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1. Kelly Rowland stanned for her BFF.

2. Anna Kendrick finally figured out the ending to Netflix's The OA.

.....wait... I get the end of The OA now. #Beyonce #Grammys

3. Gina Rodriguez actually got to tell Beyoncé how she felt about her performance.

I was about 2 feet from Beyoncé when she won for Lemonade. Yup. That happened. I said goddess. She said thank you. And now I'm preg w twins.

4. Elizabeth Banks made it a learning opportunity for her children.

Showing my boys #Beyonce: "Is she magic?" Yes, kids. She is. #GRAMMYs

5. Chrissy Teigen had a lot of feelings in the audience during Beyoncé's performance.

She cried...

...and John Legend and Jason Derulo might have cried a little, too.

6. Gabrielle Union called Beyoncé "magic."

Beyonce is magic. A magical queen. Yessssss B! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝❤

7. Octavia Spencer liked it so much, she watched it twice.

I just had to re-watch QUEEN BEY! Spell bound!

8. Issa Rae took note of the backup dancers.

Beyoncé got everybody else dancing like they're pregnant too.

9. Jemima Kirke compared herself with Queen B.

10. Rosie O'Donnell bowed down.


11. Dane Cook recognized.

12. Yara Shahidi compared Bey to a sun goddess.

13. Gigi Hadid gave Beyoncé a gold medal for her performance.

14. Ric Flair was excited about their ~similar look~.

Call me crazy, but im pretty sure @Beyonce is wearing one of my robes- WOOOOO! #CustomMade #Grammys

15. Rebecca Black knew there was no question as to the performance of the night.

welp was gonna ask you guys what your favorite performance of the night was so far.........but.............. 👑🐝 #GRAMMYs

16. Magic Johnson gave the whole show to Bey.

Beyonce, the world's best singer and entertainer stole the show with her #GRAMMYs performance!

17. Diplo compared Beyoncé to a (very pretty) Snapchat filter.

Beyonce literally so perfect she looks like the butterfly Snapchat filter

18. Perez Hilton called Bey an angel.

She legit looks like an angel!!! Beysus!!! #Grammys

19. Best Coast saw the light.

20. Chad Johnson felt inspired to find the people behind Lemonade's visuals.

Who is responsible for Beyoncé's visuals at the Grammy's & when Lemonade dropped, I need them to do my funeral, I'm going out the right way.

21. Dove Cameron broke tradition to share her respect.

i usually don't post about award shows but. that beyoncé performance just cut me in half. she is the definition of strength in vulnerability

22. Tyler Oakley spoke for everyone going crazy while watching.

why is this an actual representation of all of us right now #GRAMMYs

23. And Zendaya wasn't even watching the show and still felt Bey's performance.

I'm not even by a tv and I'm crying 🙌🏽😩

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