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    Paris Hilton And The Fat Jew Announce "Bottle Service Apparel" For Kids

    It's supposedly called Bottle Service Apparel and is intended "for DJ's under age 10."

    You know Paris Hilton.

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    Icon, DJ, socialite, reality star, singer, Coachella Queen, creator of "That's Hot" ...the list goes on.

    And if you're reading BuzzFeed right now, you probably know who The Fat Jew is, too.

    If not, he's a instagram-dude-turned-white-girl-rosé-maker.

    Together they're supposedly joining forces to launch Bottle Service Apparel, "an incredible line of clothing for an emerging market – young DJs under the age of 10."

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    Per the press release that landed in my inbox this morning:

    Baby DJ'ing is a massive market, children ages 3-13 are not only learning the craft for recreational purposes, but monetizing it, as well. The last four years have seen the emergence of baby DJ schools, dance parties, and music releases. However, nobody is catering to these young entertainers in the arena of style, and Paris Hilton & The Fat Jew are about to change all that.

    Currently their website shows nothing more than a logo and description:

    However their Instagram account is hinting at much more to come. Like this age-appropriate onesie for a baby:

    And then there's this one:

    And apparently they sell beanies and fingerless gloves, too.

    So to recap, Paris Hilton and The Fat Jew have allegedly launched a clothing line for Baby DJs.

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      Do you believe this joint venture is the real deal?

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    Do you believe this joint venture is the real deal?
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