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15 Bastardized Versions Of Your Favorite TV Shows

I can't even look at these cast photos without being filled with rage.

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4. Scrubs

Speaking of brothers of famous people, James Franco's baby brother Dave joined the cast of Scrubs when the show switched from NBC to ABC in its final season. It may have featured Eliza Coupe — now of Happy Endings — but even she couldn't replace the many characters we missed.


7. Law and Order: SVU

When Christopher Meloni announced he wouldn't be returning for season 13, all of America cried in unison, "But what about Elliot Stabler?!?!" I haven't really watched this season. Is it as bad as I assume that it is?

8. Roseanne

Is that you, Becky? Because all I see is a too-friendly version of what you once were. (Sarah Chalke, ironically, was one of the cast members who left Scrubs in its last season.) And without John Goodman in many episodes towards the end of the show's run it was truly a shell of what Roseanne once was.


10. Beverly Hills, 90210

Apologies to Noah, Gina, Janet, and Matt but something was seriously lacking without the any members of the Walsh Family residing in Beverly Hills. Sure, Dylan came back for a while and Tiffiani Amber Theissen provided a good replacement for a bit — but only while they lasted, which was not for too long.

12. Happy Days

By season 11, Richie and all of his friends had left the show and Scott Baio doesn't quite make up for it as his replacement. They were better suited for their spin-off, Joanie Loves Chachi.


14. Spin City

Speaking of shows related to Charlie Sheen, did anybody else stop watching Spin City when Michael J. Fox exited? Sure, they brought on Sheen and Heather Locklear... but the show was never the same for me.