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    Adam Devine, Anders Holm, And Blake Anderson Take The BuzzFeed BFF Test

    Let's see how well the cast of Game Over, Man! actually knows each other.

    Taylor Miller

    When the last episode of Workaholics aired last year, we mourned the death of a beloved comedy series that made us pee our pants with laughter nearly every episode. But all hope was not lost. Soon after we learned about Game Over Man — a Netflix film featuring our three favorite comedy boyz — Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson, written by Anders and directed by Kyle Newacheck.

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    Fast forward to today, the week of the Game Over Man! release. We sat down with the three leads of the movie to play the BuzzFeed BFF Test and see how well these guys ~actually~ know each other.

    What was Ders' high school superlative?


    Adam: [To Ders] We wrote the same thing!

    Ders: That's crazy. That's some BFF shit right there.

    Blake: ...I want you to be my President.

    A: [To Ders] You are my President.

    D: We're so much better friends than we are with him [Blake]

    A: Yeah, we are better friends.

    B: That's not nice.

    What’s Blake’s favorite curse word?


    B: I hate cursing.

    D: I'm basing this off on when he fucks up a take on a show.

    B: Too short. "Biiiiiiiitch!"

    A: You do sing that the most, you don't sing "fuck", but you say it.

    B: I do love that one. To be fair, "Fuck" is pretty sick.

    What’s Adam’s secret talent?


    D: I mean, he's showed us all of his talents. His secret talent? How secret? I feel like all of his talents, he's done.

    A: Naw, there's some you don't even know about dude.

    B: Dude! I got it! Not many people know, but dude is good.

    A: Not people know how good I am at hacky sack.

    D: Well no one knows how good at French you are, including you!

    A: If only I studied it ever.

    What’s the biggest perk of being Ders’ friend?


    A: Oh you guys both have a "makes me seem" [answer]. Now I have some sort of underground hip-hop knowledge.

    D: Right, right. Backpack rap.

    A: Backpack rapper.

    B: I wrote "makes me seem smarter." "Make me seem."

    D: Well, you spelled "seem" right.

    A: Getting a little high from these sharpies. Now I know why you're called BUZZFeed.

    What’s Blake’s go-to guilty pleasure song?


    D: We're not, like, guilty pleasure people.

    A: No, our pleasures are right on the surface. There's no guilt with our plasures. We just like them. I'm not even going to write it, I'm just going to say it, Shaggy.

    D: [To Blake] Just tell us, dude.

    B: "No Scrubs."

    D: You feel guilty about liking that?

    B: Well, because I feel like I am a scrub and I feel bad about, like, calling out my people.

    D: Right, cause you're a "No Pigeons" guy.

    B: Yeah, I'm a "No Pigeons" guy. Look it up, it was good. I hope you know that.

    A: It was a weird hit. Not a hit, actually. Not all. No one knew that one.

    D: [To Blake] Don't feel bad about that.

    B: I don't, I don't really have a guilty song, but, "No Scrubs." I just want to say I love that song.

    D: Shout-out to everyone that's got guilty pleasures. It's okay. Nobody cares.

    A: Just like them outright.

    D: Yeah, it's fine.

    What would Adam say his favorite moment was while filming?


    A: [Reading Blake's answer] "Lakers win champ while car." Whoa, Blake, your sentence game is at an all-time low.

    D: That's like a hundred years ago, on Workaholics.

    A: We're talking about the new movie! We're promoting Game Over Man.

    B: Oh, shit.

    A: You can't just talk about our whole lives!

    D: But that was fun. We got pulled in a car.

    A: It was season one of Workaholics and we listened to the championship basketball game on the radio while we were shooting it. And that was great. But, yeah, I made them stare at my dick while I had it out for this movie.

    D: For a day.

    A: For a full day.

    B: It was fun for me, too.

    What would Ders say he misses most about you two when you're not around?


    A: I just wrote "feeling something." He dies inside when we're not around.

    B: Wow, that's really nice.

    A: [To Ders] Hey, I give you permission.

    What would Blake say if you asked him to loan you a million dollars?


    D: This is a quote from Big Trouble in Little China.

    B: Yeah, that is pretty good.

    D: I don't know if you'd actually send it.

    B: [Reading Adam's answer] "OK. Wait what? New phone, who dis?" Oh, so you're asking me over the phone. I don't got it!

    What can Adam usually be found doing between scenes?


    B: [Reading Adam's answer] Chugging Red Bull — aw, it depends on how long the break is!

    A: Yeah, that's true. I do play 2K, and nap, and slam caffeine.

    D: It's either/or. He's either asleep or wide awake.

    B: There's no in-between.

    What is Ders' most-used emoji?


    B: It's supposed to be a thumbs up!

    D: The weirdest nutsack... You ever see a dick with a fingernail?

    B: [To Adam] Oh, you did a dick, too?

    A: Ders has a secret emoji of a dick that I feel like he should start to use.

    D: This one saves the day, errday.

    What’s Blake’s pet peeve?


    B: What bothers me?

    A: Nothing really bothers you.

    B: What is my pet peeve?

    A: Remember that phase that I was going through when I would sneak up on you guys and kiss your shoulders?

    B: Did I not like that?

    A: Yeah, I dont think you liked that one.

    D: Cool bit.

    A: Yeah, that was a fun bit that no one else liked.

    B: My pet peeve...

    D: He's unpeeve-able.

    A: No peeve. Peeve-less!


    Who’s the messiest?


    A: [To Blake] Your room is messier than mine.

    B: Is it?

    A: Yeah.

    B: I just remember when we lived together, lots of dishes stacking up.

    A: I don't do dishes. So, me. I'll take it. Sure!

    D: ...I'm...not...messy?

    A: Well, you fold your fast food wrappers.

    D: Yeah.

    A: So that immediately says you're not messy.

    D: Okay. I'm very, uh, regimented. That makes sense.

    Who’s the biggest flake?


    D: [Points to Blake]

    B: Blake the Flake.

    A: It rhymes, so he has to be it.

    Who could get you into a club?


    B: Devine. Come on, he's got that Pitch Perfect swang.

    A: Yeah I do have that swang, all that clout. [To Blake] But that hair will get you in! Ders could talk you into the club. He'll get you in based on his wits and bravado.

    D: "Hey, uh... can we get in there? Or not?"

    A: Remember we got in there that time by going like "We're on Stephanie's list!" and it worked. Evidently there was a Stephanie in there with a list.

    B: Remember in Vegas when you tried to convince them you were a cast member on SNL? "Andy Bovine"?

    A: Yeah, this was before —

    D: Like 2004.

    A: We were children.

    D: It didn't work.

    A: Also you have to wear fancy shoes in Vegas... we still aren't allowed to go to Vegas.

    D: It's a good thing.

    Who’s the “Dad” of the group?


    A: Ders.

    B: Ders.

    D: I mean, come on, next question.

    A: That was a layup.

    Who’s the biggest prankster?


    A: We're not really —

    D: It's not our thing. We don't do those.

    A: We're not much of a pranking group.

    B: Adam's biggest prank was the shoulders thing.

    D: What's with everyone doing pranks? Just be cool. I do like scaring people. I'll go around a corner and jump out and scare people. But that's more of a control thing I need to express. I've asserted dominance and control, but now it's over.

    A: I'll fart and then not claim them but only because I'm embarrassed of my flatulence.

    D: But we know exactly what his farts smell like.

    A: I have a certain smell.

    Who’s the biggest stoner?


    A: Me, probably. Believe it or not, Blake isn't. I had to push Blake down the weed path.

    B: Yeah, you've been smoking waaaay longer. You got me into it. Gateway drug, though, so..

    A: Yeah.

    B: Thanks, Adam.

    A: Wait, what are you trying to say?

    D: You're onto heroin, now.

    B: I've moved on.

    A: Oh, gosh. You heard it here first, BuzzFeed!


    Without looking… what color are each of your eyes?


    A: [Reading Blake's answers] Evil black, yeah. Green.

    D: [To Blake] Your eyes are blue, huh. That's cool.

    B: I don't know.

    A: [To Ders] Yeah, they are more greener. I thought they were more hazel-y. Almost yellow. You've got some weird-ass eyes, dude.

    D: Here's the thing is that we never look each other in the eyes because as soon as you do, you start fucking each other.

    A: We're too hot.

    D: And then, like, we already work together, we don't need that.

    A: That's a whole other thing. You both have very beautiful eyes.

    D: I wrote brown but then I knew it was blue.

    A: You have gorgeous, gorgeous eyes.

    B: And I know you don't have evil black eyes. But sometimes they do get very —

    A: I do have beady eyes. Yeah. Anytime anyone ever goes like, "Bro, I get that I look like you all the time" I'm like, yeah, cause you look like a little satan. A baby devil.


    D: Cocoa is how you describe them.

    A: I think it's a softer [word] instead of shit brown.

    D: They are lighter brown.

    A: They're a little cocoa one might say.

    B: Nestle. Nestle up to me.

    A: Nestle up in this.

    D: Can you guys leave? We're going to fuck.

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Game Over, Man! is available to stream on Netflix tomorrow, March 23rd!