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    A Reaction GIF For Everything Halloween

    Every GIF you could possibly need to use between now and October 31st.

    When you're trying to figure out what to dress up as this year:

    When you get a facebook invite to a cool party:

    When you're trying to justify your Halloween costume to everyone:

    When your friends are dragging you to some lame party you don't want to go to:

    When you arrive at the party:

    When someone doesn't understand what your costume is:

    When someone doesn't understand your costume after you've explained it to them three times:

    When you're dancing at the party:

    When someone is hitting on you and just won't take a hint:

    When your perfect moment is ruined:

    When people are asking you why you didn't dress up this year:

    When your annoying roommate returns home:

    For describing your moves at the Halloween party you attended last night:

    When you're scared,

    waving at someone,

    feeling mischievous,

    backing away slowly,

    or are losing patience while talking to someone.

    When you're too busy talking on the phone to care,

    have just seen something awful,

    need to address your haters,

    or have had too much Halloween candy.

    For when you've just gotten some action,

    describing an overly-attached girlfriend,

    when your manicure starts to chip,

    or if you just ran into an ex.

    For when you're excited,

    spying on someone,

    discussing the power of makeup,

    want to say "Cool story, bro" in a nicer way,


    or are doing the Monster Mash.

    For when you're feeling like a party-pooper,

    just remembered something important,

    have just seen something spooky,

    had a bit too much of the Halloween punch,

    or are about to get things started again for your second Halloween party in a row.