68 Questions With Nico Tortorella

    Younger's resident hot dude answers a round of rapid-fire questions.

    You might have heard that Sex and the City's Darren Star has a new series. Younger, which makes its debut on TV Land tonight, features a lot of our long-standing faves — Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff — as well as a fresh new face to add to the list: Nico Tortorella. When he stopped by our NYC offices we decided to grill the show's leading man to find out what he's all about.

    1. What's your favorite color?  


    2. What's your shoe size?

    Ten and a half.

    3. How tall is your hair?

    It changes all the time.

    4. What's your favorite pizza topping?


    5. Favorite word?


    6. Favorite vegetable?


    7. Favorite fruit?

    Bananas! That's not true, that's a lie. That's a lie.

    8. We just watched you have a banana!

    I know, but…my favorite fruit is avocados!

    9. What's your biggest pet peeve?


    10. Puppies or Kittens?


    11. Have you seen The Wire?

    I have! Seen The Wire.

    12. Favorite show on TGIF?

    Full House.

    13. Pick an Olsen twin.

    Mary-Kate, duh!

    14. Jorts or Cargo Pants?

    Oooh, jorts.

    15. Have you played wiffle ball?

    I wiffle.

    16. What's your best bowling score?

    A million.

    17. Mini-golf or real golf?


    18. Solitaire or poker?


    19. Who's the last person who texted you?

    My mom!

    20. What's your favorite season?


    21. Do you own plants?


    22. What kind?


    23. Favorite Disney Princess?

    Mulan! How many people answer that?

    24. Would you kiss a frog?


    25. Mustache or goatee?

    Both! Look at that.

    26. Favorite MTV VJ from the '90s?


    27. Favorite reality show?

    RuPaul's Drag Race. That's a reality show, right?

    28. Have you met Drake?

    I am blessed.

    29. Christmas or Thanksgiving?


    30. Do you have a landline phone number?

    Are you kidding? I remember my phone number from when I was a kid, though.

    31. Can you do any good impressions?


    32. What's your favorite dance move?

    ...That one.

    33. Favorite alcoholic beverage?


    34. Delivery or DiGiorno?


    35. What color is your toothbrush?


    36. Choose your entrance theme song.

    War! What is it good for? I don't know, it just popped into my head.

    37. Favorite cartoon?


    38. Have you met Oprah?

    I have not met Oprah. I would like to meet Oprah. Would I, though? What am I gonna say, "Hey, Oprah."

    39. Britney or Christina?


    40. Boxers or briefs?


    41. Have you ever been in a spelling bee?


    42. Did you win?


    43. What word did you lose on?

    Couch! Couuuch. What, nobody gets that reference? Billy Madison!

    44. What's the last book you read?

    [silence] …that's your answer.

    45. Favorite sport?


    46. Are you superstitious?  


    47. About what?

    You will never catch me walking under ladders. I won't ever do it.

    48. Have you ever gotten a spray tan?


    49. If you could bathe in any liquid besides water, what would it be?

    Coconut oil, no question!

    50. 1% , 2%, skim, or whole milk?


    51. Coffee or tea?


    52. What scares you?


    53. Who's your favorite relative?

    My ma.

    54. Frosted tips: yay or nay?

    (Points at hair)

    55. What was the last dream you remember having?

    I was hanging out with these two girls in Texas — hey — and I had a dream that one of them was this heiress to different ant farms. She had all of these ants that were a part of her crew and I fell for that ant farm heiress.

    56. What time do you get up?


    57. What time do you go to bed?


    58. What's youravorite action movie?

    The Fifth Element.

    59. Who's your favorite Power Ranger?

    The white ranger, duh.

    60. Do you have any weird habits?


    Ooh, like what?

    I have a weird thing with fabrics, like I can't touch certain things at certain times…this is really weird, but the cord on vacuums, how it's ribbed… (Shudders) Cannot touch a vacuum cleaner.

    61. Who do people say is your doppelganger?

    Lana Del Rey! Look at me, we look a lot alike! It's weird.

    62. Which dead person would you least want to haunt you?  


    63. Twitter or Instagram?  


    64. Coke or Pepsi?


    65. Is there a country you want to visit?


    66. Favorite place you've been to?


    67. Last song that was stuck in your head?

    "Blessings" by Big Sean and Drake.

    68. Is there anything else we should know?

    There's so much.

    Younger premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m./9 p.m. CT on TV Land.