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    Nico Tortorella Revealed They've Been In A Monogamous Relationship With Their Spouse For The First Time In Over 15 Years

    "I'm addicted and in love with the idea that I will have a child soon."

    Nico Tortorella has remained open and honest with fans over the years about their polyamorous relationship with their spouse, Bethany Meyers, who they married in 2018.

    The Younger star made an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast and talked about why they've paused having sex with other people to focus on getting pregnant.

    "It's a fucking process," they shared about trying to conceive a child. "I just wished we learned more about how to get pregnant and not about how not to get pregnant. It's terrible."

    "I'm in this place now with sex where I think it's fucking stupid," they said. "I love sex, don't get me wrong; it's such a beautiful thing, it's an extension of love. But from a physical standpoint, this idea of just, like, a quick fix — it's like getting high. It's like getting off. I'm just living in a different, higher chakra, so to speak, right now."

    "I'm only having sex to get pregnant right now," they shared. "And I haven't had sex with a dude in two years."

    Nico and their partner have been together for more than a decade, and they spent the majority of it in a happily polyamorous relationship.

    "I haven't had sex with anyone except for my partner since February of 2020," they shared. "Which is strange. We have never been this monogamous and straight in the 15 years that we've known each other. It's been a fucking process."

    While they've had to put their lifestyle on hold for a minute, they're thrilled about the idea of being a parent.

    They shared, "I'm addicted and in love with the idea that I will have a child soon, and all of my energy is directed to that person."

    "It's okay to put my, you know, 'alternative' sex life on hold for a minute," they shared. "It's not going away entirely. It bends and shifts."