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    24 Times Selena Gomez Looked Like Absolute Perfection

    (Even though she always looks fierce.)

    1. When she wore blue silk pajamas and red high heels.

    2. This monotone Carrie Bradshaw look in Paris.

    3. This all-lace look that she wore to Jingle Ball.

    4. This all-denim look that gave Britney Spears a run for her double-denim crown.

    5. This all-black look she wore in West Hollywood.

    6. This outfit she wore to greet fans in Japan.

    7. Her exquisite look at this year's Met Ball.

    8. When she rocked a color-blocked black, white, and pinstripe dress and managed to pull it off.

    9. The time she got off a plane at LAX looking like this.

    10. Again, at the airport looking like a classic Hollywood ingenue.

    11. This white off-the-shoulder number she wore to a Golden Globes party.

    12. This dramatic Paris Fashion Week dress.

    13. This blue gown she wore to the Grammys.

    14. This jumper she wore to do a radio show at Z100.

    15. This starry look she wore on her way into the Louis Vuitton store.

    16. When she wore this "I'm just a regular tourist, I swear" look in Ischia, Italy.

    17. This incredible travel ~lewk~.

    18. The time she looked like a vision in white.

    19. This ~revealing~ look from Paris Fashion Week.

    20. When she rocked this bandeau-checkered look.

    21. This jacket she wore to WE Day.

    22. This sweater dress perfection she wore in New York.

    23. This high-waisted-pants-and-long-jacket look.

    24. This green number she wore in London.

    Selena, keep on slaying!