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11 People On The AMAs Red Carpet Tell Us What Music Video Universe They'd Live In Forever

It's a tough choice, especially with Katy Perry's candy-filled dream wonderlands.

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4. Us The Duo

Michael: "Mine would be Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' because it's basically like a fantasy land and there's so much food and I'd just like all the lollipops. I want that to be my life."

Carissa: "He does love candy. I think mine would be another Katy Perry video. Mine would be 'Roar' because she's in the jungle and I want to like, ride an elephant. You know, casual."

Michael: "That's actually how we got here today, by elephant. It took us like four hours."


11. Joey Graceffa

"I don't think I would want to live in Taylor Swift's universe because that seems a little scary. But one that I would want to live in — hmm, that's so tough! — maybe an old Britney Spears video. Let's do 'Toxic.' She looks pretty cool and she's doing all these different things."