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    • washedinblack

      yes he can be a jerk but i always thought he was the perfect mash up of Dean and Jess (would be a bit of a bad boy but was actually there for her when she needed him and was brilliant and well read). and does no one forget about how Jess almost kinda sorta raped Rory??? they were making out on a bed during a party and she said “Jess no wait” and he got pissed at her. even if he didn’t mean it it’s still a really crappy thing to do to someone! and then not even go out of his way to make her feel better about it and just blame her and getting upset for going to Dean when she was crying about something that JESS did to her?!? ugh. not to mention all the times he would stand her up, disrespect her and her family, disrespect Luke who was his family and a kind of surrogate father to Rory, lie to her… completely wrong for her. don’t understand the Jess love at all.

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