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Video Mashes Up Street Fighter 2 With Facebook Statuses

This is pretty great. It takes the best arcade game made, Street Fighter 2, and has the players battling with obnoxious Facebook statuses.

WaitWhattt 5 years ago

Girls Create Video To Teach You How To Pick Up Guys With "The Vibe"

With a soundtrack from your childhood 90's.

WaitWhattt 5 years ago

Two Girls Create Kickstarter To Fund Coachella Trip

Because, it was only a matter of time.

WaitWhattt 5 years ago

This Is What Happens When Girls Go To The Bathroom Together

No, not the drug thing. The other thing.

WaitWhattt 5 years ago

Spike Jonze Is Way Hotter Than Any Of Us Expected

According to teenage girls on Twitter...

WaitWhattt 5 years ago

8 Instagrams You See On Valentine's Day

Because if you can't have a significant other, at least you can have double digit likes! *Note: Most likely the Instagram user making the following posts has an "About Me" section that reads "emoji emoji emoji emoji emoji emoji #theblessedlife emoji."

WaitWhattt 5 years ago

This Video Explains Why Girls Love The Super Bowl

Football is the one with the cute outfits right?

WaitWhattt 5 years ago

10 Disney Bros You Know In Real Life

The bros of Disney....some of them cautioned us of what happens when you give too many fucks....from Tramp to John Smith...some of them taught us bros just wanna have fun but overall Disney introduced us to the bros of our lives.

WaitWhattt 5 years ago