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    Sorry, Only People Born Between 1994–2000 Will Relate To These 27 Things

    ~You got the best (or worst?) of both worlds.~

    If you were born in the mid- to late-'90s, then you know what it's like to be sandwiched between two pretty distinct (and sometimes opposing) generations: millennials and Gen Z.

    Your childhood was split between the '90s and '00s. You grew up alongside the revolution of digital tech and computers. And you can relate to and cringe at both millennials and Gen Z. You're a Zillennial.

    So, we recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community born between 1994 and 2000 to tell us how they'd define the Zillennial generation, and they painted a pretty clear picture.

    If your childhood involved most of these things, then congratulations, you're officially a Zillennial.

    Below are the things they shared. So, without further ado, Zillennials, when you were a kid, you...

    1. Had VHS tapes, but also owned a VCR, DVD player, and game console all at the same time.

    A VCR next to a VHS tape

    2. Used dial-up internet...

    3. Played with Polly Pocket, Bratz, Betty Spaghetty, Pixel Chix, and My Scene dolls.

    The 'Sasha' Bratz doll from the Funk 'N' Glow Collection in a box on a shelf at a toy store

    4. "Learned" how to use Microsoft Office at school.

    5. Started elementary school with an iMacG3 in the classroom, then graduated high school with an iPad at home.

    People look at the new MacIntosh computers in Japan in 1999

    6. Actually hung up your corded landlines.

    7. Carried a Walkman, an MP3 player, and then all of the iPods.

    A person holds an iPod playing the Beatles in front of a Mac with iTunes open

    8. Had one family computer (and printer) at home.

    9. Watched what are now classic and iconic videos online when YouTube first started.

    View this video on YouTube

    FilmCow / Via

    Suggested by: miabennet, born in 1998

    "Let me borrow that top."

    10. Owned flip phones or phones with physical QWERTY keyboards.

    Paris Hilton holds up a pink Motorola Razr as she gives a peace sign

    11. Made a Myspace account in elementary or middle school (Top 8!!!), then a Facebook account later.

    12. Shopped at Limited Too before it became Justice.

    An old Limited Too storefront in a mall

    13. Watched "older" Disney shows like Lizzie McGuire and "newer" ones like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

    14. Vaguely remember 9/11, but don't have an elaborate "where were you" story because you were, at most, in elementary school.

    The 9/11 memorial lights shining where the Twin Towers used to stand

    15. Burned mix CDs.

    16. Played with and on Webkinz.

    A young girl poses next to a computer showing the Webkinz website and two stuffed Webkinz

    17. Were sort of taught cursive, but then never used it.

    18. Took care of your beloved Tamagotchi...

    Two people set up their Tamagotchis

    19. Played CD-ROM games and drew on Microsoft Paint for fun.

    20. Remember Fred. Unfortunately? Affectionately?

    View this video on YouTube

    FЯED / Via

    Suggested by: ktk8895, born in 1995

    His dad was John Cena.

    21. Watched movies on portable DVD players.

    Two young girls lay on a bed and watch a movie on a portable DVD player

    22. Used Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 in school.

    23. Spent a majority of your childhood playing outside and a majority of your teen years behind a screen.

    Children play on spinning monkey bars at a park

    24. Learned how to use floppy disks before flash drives took over.

    25. Manually rolled up car windows as a kid before electric windows were a standard thing.

    26. And, lastly, you bounced on (or wanted to bounce on) Moon Shoes.

    View this video on YouTube

    Nickelodeon / Moon Shoes / Via

    Suggested by: urlybird, born in 1994

    Who invented these and why?

    Sound like your childhood? If you're a Zillennial, let us know if you agree or what we missed. Share in the comments below!