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    From Pocky To Hi-Chew, People Are Sharing Their All-Time Favorite Asian Snacks, And My Mouth Is Capital 'W' Watering

    "My ride-or-die, endgame snack. They come in a variety of flavors, but my faves are brown sugar milk tea and tiramisu!"

    If you're like me, then you'd probably agree that there's a huge emotional element to food, from nostalgic childhood snacks to core-memory-triggering foods. As a Korean American, that means there will always be a particularly special place (or, perhaps, weakness) in my heart for Asian snacks. And I'm always looking for more.

    So, I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their absolute favorite Asian snack, and they did not disappoint. So without further ado, here are 25 mouthwatering Asian snacks that I'm adding to my next grocery list:

    1. White Rabbit Creamy Candy

    White Rabbit Creamy Candy

    2. Turtle Chips

    Turtle Chips

    3. Choco-Pies


    4. Calbee Shrimp Chips (Yuzu & Black Pepper)

    Calbee shrimp chips

    5. Meiji Hello Panda Cookies

    Meiji Hello Panda Cookies

    6. Cucumber-Flavored Lay's Potato Chips

    Cucumber-Flavored Lay's Potato Chips

    7. Rainbow Mini Mochi

    Rainbow Mini Mochi

    8. Mouth Spicy Crispy Crackers

    Mouth Spicy Crispy Crackers

    9. Squid Jerky

    Squid Jerky

    10. Pineapple Cakes

    Pineapple Cakes

    11. Dozo (Corn Cheese Flavor)


    12. Nongshim Shrimp Cracker

    Nongshim Shrimp Cracker

    13. Banana Kicks

    Banana Kicks

    14. Bin Bin Rice Crackers

    Bin Bin Rice Crackers

    15. Hi-Chew


    16. Pocky

    Pocky snacks

    17. Brown Sugar Boba Bars

    Brown Sugar Boba Bars

    18. Mini Yakko Arare

    Mini Yakko Arare

    19. Botan Rice Candy

    Botan Rice Candy

    20. Tom's Farm Almonds

    Tom's Farm Almonds

    21. Shredded Dried Pork

    Shredded Dried Pork

    22. Glico Collon Biscuit Roll

    Glico Collon Biscuit Roll

    23. Roasted Seaweed

    Roasted Seaweed

    24. Daiichi Mini Pan Chocolate

    Daiichi Mini Pan Chocolate

    25. Want Want Shelly Senbei Rice Crackers

    Want Want Shelly Senbei Rice Crackers

    How many times have you hit "add to cart" already? I know you have some other tabs open with these snacks. Did you grow up eating them, or do you have any other snacks you'd recommend? Share in the comments below!