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    14 Simple Ways To Create Focal Points In Your Living Space

    Get ready for your Architectural Digest walk-through tour.

    Trying to design your living space but not sure how to create the focal point? Then you're in the right place!

    A focal point instantly draws your eye and helps enhance your room's aesthetic. That means a focal point ≠ a center point.

    A lotta times, the focal point is something obvious — like a fireplace or large windows. But for those of us without natural focal points, here are some simple ways to create one (or two or three)!

    1. Let's start with one of the simplest ways: large furniture. It goes without saying that a beautiful piece of large furniture can anchor a design. But it can also double as a fantastic focal point for the room.

    A farmhouse-styled living room uses a wooden armoire as the focal point

    2. Of course, if your living room does have a fireplace, you can use it — why not work with what you've got?

    A large living room uses a tiled-fireplace as the focal point

    3. You can also choose some contrasting paint that will make your fireplace stand out.

    A fireplace's mantle is painted navy blue to contrast the off-white walls

    4. And there's always a faux fireplace for those of us who can only dream of having a real one (for now).

    A faux fireplace, with decor on its mantle, is the focal point between two armchairs

    5. If you're tight on space though, large furniture can overwhelm the room — that's where large *art* comes in!

    A large piece of artwork depicting blue people hangs above a wooden credenza

    6. You can also use a statement mirror to create a focal point. Mirrors are pretty strategic pieces. They're decorative, functional, and bounce light around to make a room feel brighter and more open.

    A large, ornate mirror sits on a console table as a focal point

    7. Another ~art~ option: a gallery wall! And the art definitely does not have to be gigantic (or uber expensive).

    A simple gallery wall extends from the floor to ceiling behind two armchairs and a lamp

    8. Speaking of walls, you can use wallpaper to create an accent wall!

    A geometric print wallpaper is used to create an accent wall

    9. If you're feeling more ambitious, you could use paint to create an accent wall — whether you paint one wall a different color or use painter's tape or stencils to create patterns and shapes.

    A pink archway is painted on a white wall behind a table and two chairs

    10. Of course, if you're not feeling the colors or patterns, textured walls, like board and batten walls or exposed brick, make very sophisticated focal points — especially if you already have one!

    A living space with all white walls, with one wall turned into a board and batten wall

    11. Don't forget about light fixtures! The right light can make a strong visual statement and become a strong focal point, too. If you have the vertical space, they can really emphasize the height of your room.

    A dining room with a large pendant light fixture hanging over the table

    12. Now, what about TVs? Some glossy interior design guides would have you hide your TV — but that can be counterintuitive in your living room where, ya know, you sit to watch TV.

    A living room with a TV on an entertainment stand, bookended by two shelves

    13. For your bedroom, the go-to focal point could easily be your bed! And it doesn't need to have a dramatic headboard, see?

    A wooden bed platform with no headboard holding a bed with only a white comforter and white pillows. The bed sits near an arched window, while the rest of the room has a small wooden table, a rug, a wooden mirror, and plant situated around the bed.

    14. And, never underestimate some good curtains. You might be thinking, "It's easy to use large windows (esp with a view!) as your focal point, but what about your standard window?" Well, that's where the power of curtains comes in!

    Slightly see-through blue curtains draped from the top of a window to the floor, extending beyond the side edges of the window, and making it the focal point of a neutral-toned room, between a sitting chair and dresser

    With these tips, you'll be able to create a striking focal point (or two) for your living space. And above all else, create a space that makes you happy to be in — focal point or not.

    Now, go forth and give HGTV a run for their money!