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    7 Tricks To Upgrade Your Apartment With Removable Wallpaper

    Cute walls AND your security deposit back?!

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    So, you're bored with your plain walls and want to try something new—YAY, you! Here's what to do...


    1. Work from the top down.


    Order a removable wallpaper you love (we used this one) and start your project at the top red or top left corner of your space.

    2. Don't use stripe or grid patterns on old walls (they're usually uneven).


    AKA good luck trying to get those lines to match up...

    3. Smooth from the center out.


    It's the best way to avoid air bubbles.

    4. Trim the edges with a utility knife.


    Scissors aren't your friend. Unless you're, like, CRAZY good at cutting straight lines.

    5. Un-peel panels to fix any mistakes.


    Literally foolproof. We place, un-peeled and redid a few panels 5+ times and they never lost their stickiness.

    6. Remove air bubbles using a pin.


    No one will ever know.

    7. Work in 6" to 8" sections.


    For your sanity but also for the best end result!

    If you want the same wallpaper we used in this video, check out Chasing Paper for this pattern and more.


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