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This Picture Of Kylie Jenner Pregnant Has Become Everyone's Favourite Thirst Trap Meme

"Next thing you know, I was pregnant."

As I'm sure you know, Kylie Jenner recently gave birth to her first child, Stormi, with rapper Travis Scott following months of speculation.

On 1 February she dropped the most precious video on YouTube showing her pregnancy journey.

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And now this particular screengrab from the video has been doing the rounds on Twitter, and it's now become a meme where people tweet their thirsty thoughts.

Just so we're clear, Kylie never said the words, "Next thing I knew, I was pregnant", but someone added it to the picture and people love it.

Your crush when you show her your huge meme collection

my man: wears grey sweatpants me:

When my man gets home with a fresh haircut Me :

When he is God fearing, tall, rich, peng, hench, funny, loyal, witty, well dressed, bald and Nigerian.

People have been getting thirsty over celebs too. Celebs like Skepta:

Mark Ruffalo:

Saoirse Ronan:

Donald Glover:

Next thing I knew I was pregnant

Tom Hardy:

next thing I knew, I was pregnant.

Lily James:

next thing i knew i was pregnant

And pretty much every single man in Black Panther.

Daniel Kaluuya:


Michael B. Jordan:

Chadwick Boseman:

Also, Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance:

Then the meme got really wild.

[next thing i knew, i was pregnant]

Before and after. 😭

when they ignored you all day and you get that “hey baby” text

Me: Boy: “hey I’m stopping to get some food do u want anything?” Me:

And after it got really wild, we got the remakes.

Y’a pas que Kylie qui a reçu un bébé

"It's not that Kylie who got a baby."