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    People Are Saying This Dog Looks Like Justin Timberlake In The '90s

    Wembley is very much loving his new do, despite all the jokes.

    Meet Wembley, a standard poodle who lives with his owners, 19-year-old student Lindsay Martin and her mum, Julia Martin, in North Carolina. Lindsay told BuzzFeed News that Wembley is a very happy dog.

    Here's Wembley smiling with Julia. "He looks like Bear in the Big Blue House," Lindsay said.

    Out of the four dogs Lindsay owns, she said Wembley "is definitely the goofy one".

    Lindsay said while she was at work, she received a photo message from her mum showing off the new haircut she gave Wembley.

    The 19-year-old said was "surprised" by the new 'do and asked her mum why she did it. She said her mum's response was that Wembley "wanted it long on the top".

    Lindsay thinks her mum might have been inspired by her brother who has a similar haircut and joked they are now "twins".

    When Lindsay shared her dog's new haircut on Twitter, people were quick to make comparisons.

    She said the funniest ones have been American football player Odell Beckham Jr.

    And Justin Timberlake.

    People are also saying Wembley's new haircut resembles something that a "fuckboy" would have.

    Others say Wembley's haircut is a throwback to certain periods of their life.

    Despite everything, Lindsay said Wembley "is loving the haircut".