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    19 Things To Keep In Your Bedroom If You're Having Trouble Sleeping Lately

    Let's turn your ordinary boudoir into a snooze factory!

    1. This dimmable lunar lamp, so you can set the mood for sleep and get rid of those glaring overhead lights. Reviewers love that the touch sensor allows them to turn out the light when they're drifting off, instead of scrambling to find their remote or switch.

    2. This plush hypoallergenic quilt that'll make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. It'll never go flat, either, thanks to the box stitch that keeps the ultra-soft microfibre fill exactly where it needs to be (and not pooled around your feet).

    3. This light-blocking eye mask that's specially contoured to block out every distraction. Not only is it engineered to be light and breathable, but the specially profiled inner pockets will never press on your eyeballs during REM sleep.

    A flatlay of the face mask next to some cotton balls and leafy boughs

    4. This whisper-quiet humidifier that'll help keep the air in your room clean and moist (sorry), and also help mitigate snoring. Reviewers love that it doesn't have any annoying blinking lights, which is great if you need absolute darkness to sleep.

    The humidifier on a nightstand, gently misting the room

    5. A sleep aid metronome that'll help you doze off in a flash. Using a neat lil' light projection, it'll help you slow down your breathing and calm your pulse — creating optimal conditions for falling into a deep, relaxing slumber.

    A person lightly presses the top of the metronome to activate it

    6. Some breathable gel-infused pillows, so now every side can be the cool side. It has just the right amount of ~squish~ and support, and even has a ventilated design to help prevent night sweats.

    7. A pack of light-dimming stickers that'll help soften the glare on your light-up gadgets (so you can finally get some rest). The best part is that they won't block out the light entirely, so you'll still be able to read your alarm clock in the middle of the night.

    8. A natural pillow spray that reviewers say has made them fall asleep faster than ever before. It's infused with lavender, vetiver, and wild chamomile, a trifecta of naturally sleep-inducing herbs that'll guide you into slumber with just a few spritzes. And since it's 100% natural, it's also suitable for pregnant people!

    9. A mini white noise machine that'll help you drift off and not take up precious bedroom real estate in the process. It's got an auto shut-off, which means you can doze off without a care in the world.

    The white noise machine on a simple vanity with a baby crib in the background

    10. These silky-soft spa socks that'll help your tootsies relax and keep them toasty, too. They have smooth seams and are infused with vitamin E, so your feet get treated to a lil' moisture, too.

    A person wears the fuzzy socks in bed while sipping on champagne

    11. A fork-shaped rolling massager that'll actually help relieve scalp tension and ease headaches. Reviewers love that unlike their metal counterparts, these don't tangle or snag hair.

    12. An essential oil sleeping balm that's designed to help you ~chill~ without any unpleasant drowsy side effects. It's a great alternative to traditional sleep supplements, since it's 100% natural and contains no allergens (like beeswax).

    A flatlay of the sleep balm next to a bouquet of wildflowers

    13. A weighted blanket, because you're never too old to feel swaddled. Reviewers say it's not just for insomniacs — it also helps with stress and anxiety, making it the next best thing to getting a hug from your favourite person.

    14. These soft foam ear plugs that'll block out all sound, so you can get your slumber on in peace and quiet. Reviewers say their noise-cancelling powers are no joke and love that they keep their shape after multiple uses.

    15. A lavender-stuffed eye pillow that'll do double duty to both alleviate tension and lull you into a state of relaxation. The gentle weight is a great solution to stress headaches (and hiccups!).

    A laying person places the eye pillow over their face

    16. Some blue light-blocking glasses that'll help regulate your natural sleep patterns. Too much exposure to blue light can trick your body into thinking it's daytime, so pop these on the next time you're scrolling through the 'gram in bed.

    17. An extra-long pillow that'll make snuggling into bed a lot comfier. The straight shape and plush fill means you can mush, smoosh, and rearrange it a million different ways, without it bunching up or flattening.

    18. An ultrasonic oil diffuser that'll distribute calming fragrances (like lavender or eucalyptus) throughout your boudoir. Thanks to its extra-long run time (12 whole hours!) and handy auto shut-off, you'll be able to reap the soothing benefits all night long.

    19. And lastly, these blackout curtains, so you can cocoon yourself in your chambers and block out the outside world. The wide grommets make them easy to install, and easy to draw closed, too — because sometimes you're too tired to struggle with your window treatments.

    A set of short curtains framing a simple window

    Anyone who says "Sleep is for the weak," has clearly never had a good night's snooze.

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