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    Just 26 Pretty & Useful Fitness Accessories That’ll Help You Get Your Sweat On

    Working on ~fitness~ whole list into my shopping cart.

    1. This colourful yoga block that'll help support you through all the most challenging poses. It's made of recycled foam, so it's super lightweight and offers just enough grippy texture to withstand even the sweatiest palms.

    A close up of the foam block showing off it's texture
    Free People / Via

    Get it from Free People for $23.76 (available in two colours).

    2. These resistance bands that'll help you tone your booty, improve your flexibility, or just add an extra challenge during other bodyweight exercises. The thick material won't rip, tear, or buckle, even the during the most intense workouts.

    The set of three peach bands lying on a workout mat
    Alice Prendergast/BuzzFeed

    "I, like most people who aspire to have a butt that looks like the peach emoji, love a glute workout. Squats, fire hydrants, hip thrusts - you name it, I'm doin' it. Since I haven't been able to go to the gym for the last few months, I thought it might be time to invest in some home workout gear to make these moves a little more challenging. I didn't want to use rubber-y versions of the bands, because they would always roll up my legs and get all sticky when I got sweaty.

    Enter: Peach bands. These are made of thick fabric, meaning they don't slip and slide around while I'm jumping around in HIIT exercises. They're also super comfortable and the three resistance levels work perfectly for different types of moves (for example, I use the heavy band for squats and the light one for kickbacks). You can also use them to help with mobility, if your arms are feeling a bit stiff." —Alice Prendergast

    Get a set of three bands from Amazon Canada for $29.99.

    3. A stylish fitness planner, so you can plan out the next six months of workouts and meal plans. There's even a dedicated area that'll help you organize your grocery lists, appointments, and nutrition, so you won't feel overwhelmed the next time you slip on your workout clothes.

    Etsy / Via

    Get it from Fittplanner on Etsy for $25 (available in nine colours).

    4. A pair of lightweight shorts that are specially designed to layer over bike shorts or Spandex. The feather-light material won't weigh you down when you're sweating it out — but it will definitely help cover up your bum if exercise shorts are typically a wee bit too revealing for your comfort.

    Free People / Via

    Get a pair from Free People for $52.80.

    5. A sport face mask that'll help maximize oxygen flow, so you can go hard the next time you hit the gym. It's specially designed to sit off your mouth, so you can huff and puff through those deadlifts all you like. Plus, it features a special chilling fabric that'll feel cool on your skin for as long as you wear it.

    Under Armour / Via

    And if that's not enough, it also has a water-resistant outer shell, so runs in the rain aren't an issue.

    Get it from Under Armour for $35 (available in four colours and in sizes XS-XXL).

    6. A charcoal-infused fitness towel that'll make your after-workout clean-up a lot easier, so you can focus on resting and recovering (instead of wiping down your mat). Since charcoal is naturally deodorizing and incredibly absorbent, it'll suck up your sweat and keep your place smelling fresh, too.

    Simons / Via

    Get it at Simons for $18 (available in three colours).

    7. These knee-high grip socks that'll keep your legs warm during workouts. And since they're toe-less, they'll give you enough traction to practice pirouettes, too.

    Free People / Via

    Get a pair from Free People for $23.76 (available in sizes S-M).

    8. This sleek water bottle that'll remind you to keep your H20 intake up throughout the day. The frosted Tritan plastic is super durable and drop-proof, too, so you can take it biking, hiking, or just relaxing in the park.

    Amazon / Via

    And reviewers love how light it is, too, making it less of a ~burden~ to carry around all day.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $54.74.

    9. A glossy metallic tote that'll help you lug around your accessories in style, no matter where you decide to sweat it out. It's capacious enough to fit several pairs of shoes, a post-workout snack, a water bottle, and it even features a neat lil' pocket for your headphones.

    Under Armour / Via

    And it's even water resistant! It's truly the bag that does it all.

    Get it from Under Armour for $40 (available in three colours).

    10. This stylish smart health tracker that'll keep tabs on everything from calories you burn, all the way through to your reproductive health. The water-resistant body is wrapped in stainless steel, so you can go ahead and wear this 24/7. And since it looks like a stylish piece of jewelry, there's no reason you wouldn't!

    @bellabeat / Via, @bellabeat / Via

    Thanks to a coin cell battery (like the one in most watches), it doesn't need recharging, either — just put it on and sync with the app!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $129.99 (available in five styles).

    11. This microfibre yoga towel that's a lightweight, super absorbent, and compact addition to your daily practice. The best part is that it's non-slip, so you can also use it as an impromptu mat! Plus, it can hold up to seven times its weight in liquid, which is great if you turn into a sweaty mess five minutes into your workout.

    A person is doing crow pose on the mat in an empty studio
    Amazon / Via

    Reviewers say you can amp up its non-slip properties by giving it a light sprinkle with some water. I've even used mine as a picnic blanket!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $21.99+ (available in four colours).

    12. This bodyweight exercise card game that'll help you decide which body part to exercise next. There are over 30 exercises to try, and with progressive difficulty levels, it'll keep you from getting bored and falling into a rut.

    A flatlay of the cards sprawled on a table
    Amazon / Via

    Plus, there's no need for equipment, expensive gym memberships, or planning. Just take them out and play!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $39.37.

    13. This extra-thick, high-density exercise mat that's perfect if you're an aspiring yogi, or if you have mobility issues that other yoga mats just don't address. The non-toxic and non-slip material cushions elbows, palms, hips, and other joints, so you can practice your scorpion pose safely.

    A person stretches on the yoga mat in an empty studio
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $23.79+ (available in seven colours).

    14. This fleecy crew neck sweater that'll help keep your muscles warm during outdoor exercise. Sure, it's soft as a lamb's ear on the inside, and keeps you feeling dry as you sweat. But the best part is a handy zippered pocket that'll fit your phone, credit cards, AND house keys, so you don't have to lug around a bag or pack the next time you want to go for an early morning jog.

    Under Armour

    Get it from Under Armour for $67.99 (originally $90). Available in two colours and in sizes S-XL.

    15. Some no-tie laces that'll keep you from tripping over your untied shoes when you're going hard at the gym (or just walking the dog). These adjustable little strips are great for people who routinely have to replace shoelaces, or are just looking for a no-fuss solution to their fitness footwear.

    Free People / Via

    Get them at Free People for $23.76.

    16. This refreshing equipment spray that'll keep your fave fitness accessories clean and smelling fresh (no matter how much sweat drips onto them). The special formula uses tea tree oil to kill bacteria and germs with just a few sprays. And it's all-natural, you can go ahead and spritz it directly where you need it.

    An overhead shot of the equipment spray next to some handheld weights
    @wayofwillshop / Via

    Get it at Free People for $19.80.

    17. These weighted cork balls that'll help release post-workout muscle tension and even help prevent soreness. They're small enough to use on smaller muscle groups, and each set even comes with a tiny reflexology ball for your face!

    @42birdscork / Via, @42birdscork / Via

    Get a set of two at Free People for $66.

    18. Some adjustable wrist weights that'll add an extra challenge to every workout. These sweat-proof bands are also completely adjustable, which means you can start out with minimal weight and work your way up to something heavier.

    Amazon / Via

    Wear them to the gym, while doing chores, or just while whipping up dinner.

    Get a pair on Amazon Canada for $49.96+ (available in five colours and two styles).

    19. This printed yoga strap that'll make carrying and storing your yoga mat easy as pie. Because it's extra long, it'll work with any mat (even the thick ones). Yoga straps are also an easy storage solution — just hang up a hook and you're set!

    Free People / Via

    Get it at Free People for $23.76 (available in three colours).

    20. This bamboo water bottle that'll keep your drinks cold all day long. It's all about the details with this one: It has a removable infuser (perfect for making tea or fruit infusions) and a wide mouth to accommodate ice cubes. Workout hydration has never been easier — or more stylish!

    A flatlay of the bamboo bottle next to some greenery and fresh cut fruit
    @wellybottle / Via

    Get it at Free People for $43.56 (available in three colours).

    21. This wildly supportive sports bra that stayed put (and kept my ta-tas in check) throughout every at-home workout. The wide straps are completely adjustable, and the hook-and-eye clasp makes removal super easy, no matter how sweaty and sticky you are. Plus, it wicks away moisture, so you can say goodbye to underboob sweat, too!

    Victoria Kuglin/BuzzFeed

    "I burpee'd. I planked. I kicked up my knees. I did some mountain climbers and bridge lifts, and even incorporated a quick cardio blast somewhere in the middle. And my gals stayed. Put. No loose nipples. No underboob. No sliding straps. And the best part was that after I had put my body through actual torture (because I am a professional and I wanted to give you all an actual review), all I had to do was unhook the back and I was free. Just like that! Some serious thought went into the design of this miracle over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, and it SHOWS." —Victoria Kuglin

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the UA Infinity Mid Heather Sports Bra (it's #10 on this list)!

    Get it from Under Armour for $50 (available in two colours and in sizes XS-M).

    22. A weighted power ring that'll replace your old, tired kettlebell (#sorrynotsorry). This ten pound hoop is coated in soft silicone, so it won't slip out of sweaty hands. Plus, its unusual shape means you can swing it, squeeze it, lift it, press it, or squat it.

    A person holds out the power ring
    @bala / Via

    Get it from Free People for $112.20 (available in two colours).

    23. A handy stretching strap that'll make warming up your muscles easier than ever. Maybe you're not ~quite~ as flexible as you'd like to be, but that's not an issue for this handy gadget — it's long enough to help you activate just about every muscle group.

    Amazon / Via

    And reviewers love that multiple loops make every position more comfortable.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $14.76.

    24. This windbreaker baseball cap that'll help keep your sweaty hair out of your eyes the next time you're crushing it on the tennis court. The adjustable band makes it easy to accommodate just about any hairstyle, too!

    A smiling person wears the baseball cap outdoors
    Free People / Via

    Plus, the lightweight design won't smoosh or weigh down your noggin.

    Get it from Free People for $39.60.

    25. This dual-sided core sliders that'll help you slide your way to the rock-hard core of your dreams. They're super lightweight, portable, AND designed to glide easily over hardwood and carpet alike.

    A person holds the core sliders against a cement wall
    @peachbands / Via

    Reviewers love that these add a little extra challenge to their home workouts, and say they're great for all fitness and mobility levels.

    Get a set of two on Amazon Canada for $22.99.

    26. And finally, this yoga mat bag that's big enough to fit pretty much everything you'd need to crack a sweat. Unlike other mat carriers, this one is extra deep, so your equipment won't fall out. It also features handy little pockets for all your smaller stuff, too, so you won't need to rummage around the next time you're just trying to locate your keys.

    A person carrying their yoga mat in the mat bag
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $40.69+ (available in four colours).

    Me, daydreaming about using all these fab items:

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