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    23 Of The Best Clean Beauty Products At Sephora Canada That Won't Break The Bank

    Just a bunch of clean, green, beauty machines!

    1. This superfood cleanser that's honestly one of my favourite beauty products right now. Formulated with spinach, green tea, and kale, it removes makeup, cleans any built-up gunk out of your pores, and leaves your skin feeling completely detoxed.

    2. This gorgeous Bite Beauty lip crayon that makes applying lip colour a breeze — truly! Each crayon is packed with yummy ingredients, like pomegranate extract, mango butter, and orange peel wax to make your lips look AND feel their very best.

    3. This rose-scented body polish that'll help to slough away any dry, winter skin. It may look pretty, but it works hard, too — and the super-hydrating combo of coconut oil and shea butter will help to keep your skin moisturized and healthy!

    4. This juicy Glow Recipe face mist that fights annoying skincare issues (like dryness, dullness, redness, and uneven texture) like a BOSS. Unlike some sprays that make you feel like you just hosed yourself down, this puppy spritzes an ultra-fine mist that melts into your skin.

    5. This solid matcha toner that'll help streamline your skincare routine, and give your pores a lovely detox. It's like a matcha latte for your face! It also uses trendy kombucha and skin-loving witch hazel to help absorb excess oil, so you can put your best face forward.

    6. This magical skin-repairing salve that'll tackle minor burns, cracked cuticles, dry elbows, and everything in between. Honey is the star of the show here — it delivers moisture, is rich in antioxidants, and soothes all manner of skin irritations.

    7. This blueberry facial cleanser that removes makeup and deeply cleanses your skin. Sure, it contains a blend of skin-loving acids (like hyaluronic and alpha-hydroxy), but this lightweight gel is gentle, gentle, GENTLE. No need to rub, scrub, or double cleanse — your face is going to be squeaky clean and radiant.

    8. This mushroom-powered watery lotion that'll bust redness and irritation. It calms, it soothes, it de-stresses tense skin — it's basically like a hug from your mom, only for your face. Apply it like you would a toner, and watch as your skin emerges supple, soft, and visibly healthier.

    9. This peel-off black charcoal mask that'll give you absolutely luminous skin. The mineral-rich formula uses activated charcoal and vitamin C to really sink deep into your pores, and suck out all the gunk that may have settled in there.

    10. This Tatcha lip mask that's taken social media by storm. Slick on some of this peach-infused jelly before bed, and you're basically guaranteed to wake up to a soft, flake-free pout.

    11. This glimmering eye balm that'll leave you ~starry-eyed~. Oh, and it helps to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and dryness, too! Dab it on under or over makeup, use it as a dewy highlighter, or just revel in the caffeine-packed formula that'll wake up your peepers in a flash.

    12. This gorgeous eyeshadow palette that's infused with rose quartz powder, and will let you create the perfect "no makeup" makeup look. With shimmer, matte, and metallic options, the combinations are endless!

    13. This acne-busting cleansing oil that'll zap zits faster than you can say, "Breakouts SUCK!" And using it literally could not be any easier. Just pop a drop or two onto your fingers, and pat it onto the offending pimple. Then moisturize like normal! Bye-bye, breakouts.

    14. This gentle skin peel that still packs a major wallop in the fight against stressed, irritated skin. Lactic acid and papaya extract help slough off dead skin, while willow bark soothes and jojoba oil moisturizes. A+ for teamwork!

    15. This anti-fatigue body wash that'll help to reinvigorate tired, stressed skin. How? By stuffing in as much Atlantic kelp extract, magnesium, and essential oils as possible — dullness and uneven texture don't stand a chance.

    16. This texturizing spray that harnesses the power of sugar cane to give you the tousled, bodacious locks of your dreams. Crunchy salt sprays belong in the past — this lightly-scented spray not only amps up your texture, but leaves hair feeling soft and hydrated. It even works to repair split ends and damage!

    17. This zippy, energy-boosting moisturizer that's packed with caffeine and ginseng. It uses Hydra-Hug technology (yes, really) to actually make your skin cells "hug"— which keeps moisture from leaking out. Your skin is going to feel energized and vibrant as hell.

    18. This rose quartz luminizer that'll keep you radiant all day long. It melts perfectly into skin, and leaves behind a dewy, natural glow — no stickiness! Application is a breeze, too. Just press your finger lightly into the pot, and pat anywhere you want to look *lit from within*.

    19. This antioxidant-rich, reef-safe sunscreen that shields your skin from the harsh rays of the sun without irritating it. But it does more than that — this baby doubles as skincare, too! Evening primrose extract and linseed oil help to reduce redness and even out your skin tone.

    20. This essential oil rollerball that's specially designed to combat period cramps, bloating, and annoying headaches. Zippy peppermint, herbaceous clary sage, and floral geranium are a delightfully effective remedy for relieving nausea and mood swings, too!

    21. This Briogeo micro-exfoliating charcoal shampoo that'll give your head the deep cleanse you've been looking for. The combo of charcoal, coconut, peppermint, and spearmint oils is a powerful one — and a total life-saver for anyone who uses product in their hair on the daily.

    22. This chilling eye cream that's so lightweight, it's like gentle snowflakes treating your under-eye area to a dusting of frost. Flakiness, dark circles, and puffiness begone! And since this cream also contains light-diffusing cotton powder, it makes a fantastic makeup primer, too.

    23. And lastly, this multi-stick that's made with rich, creamy mango butter, and can be used just about anywhere you want that lit-from-within *glow*. Glide this over your cheeks, your brow bone, cheeks, décolleté — there's no such thing as too much.

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