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    11 Comfy And Stylish Outfits For Anyone Who's Sick Of Wearing Leggings

    Because variety is the spice of life!

    1. Combine a henley dress with some floral socks for an easy one-and-done outfit that'll look good AND feel great. The dress hits just below the knee, while being just form-fitting enough to avoid frump-town. It's the perfect uniform for lounging on the sofa!

    2. Layer this biker short onesie under a soft organic cotton sweatshirt in a juicy shade if you're craving a dose of bright colour. The onesie won't pinch or roll, and the sweatshirt can be easily worn around the waist if temperatures soar. And don't forget to keep your tootsies toasty with some furry slippers!

    3. Pair a bright fuchsia shaker-stitch sweater with these sleek light grey sweatpants, and you've got yourself an easy WFH look. The sweater is slightly longer in the back to cover your bum and keep chilly breezes out. These aren't your standard sweatpants, either — they're tapered at the ankle so you'll never look frumpy.

    4. Wear this ~berry~ cute cropped boyfriend tee with some comfy linen pants for an outfit that's fun, breathable, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Plus, it's cute enough to wear on a quick run to the grocery store, or just a turn around the block.

    5. Combine a Tabasco-red mock neck top with some airy joggers for an easy way to sport the monochromatic trend from the comfort of home. Throw on a cream-coloured sweatshirt if going sleeveless is a little too chilly — the pared-down tone won't interfere with your fiery vibe.

    6. Commit to a loose, chic look with an oversized tee and some wide-leg pants in a fluid fabric. Loosey-goosey is 100% the way to go! And the tee can even be knotted at the waist if you decide to go for a more streamlined silhouette.

    7. Wear some super-soft jeggings with this tie-dye waffle top, if you've really been missing the "jeans and tee" look. Say what you want about jeggings, but they combine the softness and comfort of leggings with the look of real pants. A funky top like this one is the perfect companion.

    8. Ditch the pants altogether with a perfectly worn-in oversized tee and some cute high-cut undies. The top is more than long enough to cover your bum, too! Going pants-less is honestly the best feeling in the world.

    9. Wear this chunky knit sweater with some high-waisted flare pants and some fun socks for a sure-fire style avoca-DO. I love that the socks are a brighter shade of green, so the outfit isn't too matchy-matchy, but still hits all the high notes of a cozy-chic look.

    10. Top off these nautical-inspired shorts with a cropped bamboo baby tee if you're craving some lighter alternatives to winter's heavy layers. Make sure to finish off the whole look with some ruffled silk scrunchies if you want to keep things from getting ~too~ casual.

    11. Layer this fuzzy sherpa pullover over these blush-hued drop-crotch joggers, and revel in your comfy-cozy look. The sherpa is plush, and the joggers are drapey — what more could you want?

    You emerging like a butterfly from your chrysalis:

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