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    23 Things That'll Help You Look Your Best During Your Next Video Chat

    Because looking your best can help you feel your best.

    1. This pearl sunglass chain that also doubles as an extra long necklace. Wear it now as a modern take on the classic pearl necklace, and then sling it on some sunnies the next time you step outdoors. We love a multipurpose piece!

    2. This cult-favourite dry shampoo from Living Proof that'll help jazz up your locks when someone wants to video chat and you haven't had a shower yet. Just a few spritzes of this baby will actually clean your hair and give it some bodacious volume.

    3. This shrunken tie-front shirt that will look just the right amount of professional, without making you feel like you're stuck in a straitjacket. The fabric is silky and airy, so you can even layer it under a funky chunky knit, if your home office is a bit chilly.

    4. This illuminating nail concealer that'll give your digits a soft, iridescent sheen, while concealing discolouration and dullness like a pro. A few swipes provide UV filtering and antioxidant properties that'll protect your nails and improve their appearance over time.

    5. This sleek white mug that'll look super chic during your next morning video conference. With just enough texture to keep it from being snooze-worthy, it'll help you stay caffeinated in style (when you'd rather still be tucked up in bed).

    6. This Benefit brow gel that'll help you corral those pesky caterpillars when you wake up with them in total disarray. The formula has teeny-tiny microfibres that adhere to even your smallest hairs to give you natural-looking fullness and volume.

    7. This multi-strand choker with teeny silver droplets that makes achieving that layered look easier than ever. Struggle no more choosing the right necklaces — this one has three strands and an adjustable length, so it's perfect every time.

    8. This luxe split-hem top that's made specifically to keep you comfortable, no matter what you're doing. It's perfectly sleek for that big Zoom meeting, but also quickly adapts to your fave exercise class. It's soft and breathable, too, so you can wear it all day long.

    9. These skinny silk scrunchies that'll turn even the messiest bun into a sleek updo. They won't pull or snag, and are extra gentle on hair, too! And you can also say goodbye to those annoying kinks you get after wearing your hair up all day.

    10. This blemish-banishing treatment that'll help bust breakouts in time for your Google Hangouts call. It's so effective that some reviewers have noticed results in as little as one hour. It even helps prevent future pesky pimples from happening!

    11. This Fenty Beauty setting powder that's like a blurring filter in makeup form. It'll reduce shine, and cloak almost all imperfections, so you can look video-chat-ready in mere moments. Thanks to its silky texture, you'll never look cake-y or dull, either!

    12. This buttery-soft long sleeve crop that's expertly tailored and light as air for easy layering. It hits right at the natural waistline, so it's incredibly flattering on all body types, and pairs well with this season's high-waisted bottoms (or your fave pair of sweatpants).

    13. This pearl bar cuff that adds an unexpected dimension to your earring game. Like other cuffs, this one doesn't require any piercings, but still looks incredible. It's as easy as slipping it onto the top of your ear. It doesn't clip or cuff on, so it won't crush 'em.

    14. This fleecy vest that can be worn with literally every outfit. Reviewers say it's the perfect piece to pull together just about any look, and keeps them comfortable and warm (without overheating).

    15. This dermaplaning tool that'll help eliminate peach fuzz and remove rogue eyebrow hairs. You'll looking camera-ready in no time — and since there's no hot wax, tweezing, or threading involved, your skin won't be red or irritated, either!

    16. This luminous sheer blur stick that creates a perfect canvas for all your makeup. But it's fantastic solo, too — just one swipe can drastically diminish the appearance of large pores. You're left with a glowing, soft-matte finish that'll translate beautifully on camera.

    17. An oversized knit blazer that'll amp up any look. Looking for a chic topper for that tee you've been wearing all week? Done. Want something to pair with your fave joggers? Done. Belt it, roll up the sleeves, dress it up with chunky jewellery — this baby does it all.

    18. This ear hook stud that's basically a beautiful optical illusion. The slim hook doesn't crowd your ear lobe, either, so it won't interfere with your other piercings. It's a simple, elegant way to upgrade your ear stack.

    19. This fermented green tea face mist that'll quench your parched skin faster than you can say, "Holy cow, that's refreshing!" I keep a bottle of it in my nightstand, AND a bottle in my purse so I can keep that K-beauty glow going all day long.

    20. This NARS lip balm in cult-fave shade Orgasm, that not only nourishes your pout (thanks, antioxidants!), but also imparts a subtle, soft wash of colour.

    21. This slouchy thermal that's gently distressed and oh-so comfortable — but don't fret, because it still has plenty of video conference clout! The neckline is flattering without being too revealing, and slightly baggier sleeves help keep you comfy when you've been chained to your computer all day.

    22. These oversized hoops that are entirely office-appropriate (while still looking cool as hell). It's time to upgrade your favourite high school look to something a bit more polished — and these disc-like earrings are just the ticket!

    23. And lastly, these rose gold aviators that are so sleek and chic, I'm adding them to my cart as we speak. You'll look studious, polished, AND professional. Plus, statement frames can help you feel put-together, even if you're feeling anything but.

    You, finding any excuse to video chat:

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