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    22 Things From The H&M Home Collection That Look Expensive, But Aren’t

    Little upgrades that'll make your home *shine*!

    1. This stoneware plate that's so pretty, you'll want to use it for every #instafood post. The muted pastel colours are elegant (without being overpowering). Even though they look textured, they're actually smooth so they won't damage your cutlery.

    2. This floral watercolour cushion cover that's inspired by botanical paintings of the past. It'll add a refreshing springtime element to your living space. Plus, I love a floral print that doesn't scream "Barbie Dream House."

    3. This waffled throw with cute lil' tassles that looks positively minty fresh. The textured cotton fabric is a touch lighter than your fleecy winter blankets, so you won't overheat as the temperatures start to climb.

    4. This hammered gold pot that'll help you elevate your fave greenery to a place of honour. It's pretty big, too, so you can use it for larger foliage (like fiddle leaf figs, umbrella plants, or palms). Think of it as a gold throne for your plants!

    5. This cheerful ceramic pitcher that looks just as great as a rustic vase for tulips or other seasonal flowers, as it does pouring out a frosty glass of lemonade. It's made by artisans in Portugal, so each one is unique!

    6. This circular picnic blanket that's specially designed to keep you comfy and dry, even if the grass is still a bit damp. The underside is coated in a soft, water-repellant material, and it even comes with a handy carrying strap.

    7. This modular vase that can be filled with some fresh-cut flowers, or left on it's own as a piece of art. The funky donut shape also lets you be a lot more creative with floral arrangements. You'll be a master of ikebana in no time.

    8. This verdant gift wrap that's perfect for all occasions. Reviewers say it's great quality, too, so you know it won't tear halfway through wrapping a gift (which we can all agree is the worst part of wrapping gifts).

    9. These washed linen cushion covers are ultra soft, and delicately faded to give you that "spring getaway" vibe. And with a concealed zipper, taking a quick afternoon nap has never been more comfy. No more zipper cushion scars!

    10. This rustic linen-scented candle that'll fill your home with the smell of freshly-washed linens. One whiff, and you'll be daydreaming about crisp, white bedsheets flapping in the wind.

    11. This rustic linen tablecloth that'll help you dress up your table for any dinner parties you might be hosting this summer. The stone grey colour is chic enough for special occasions, without being ~so clean~ that you worry about dropping food on it.

    12. This neat little egg cup, so you can munch on soft-boiled eggs in style. The ceramic leaves gently cradle the eggs and keep them right where you want them, so you can go ahead and dig right in with gusto.

    13. This denim apron that's made of soft, organic cotton and has just the right amount of pockets to keep you organized when you're in the kitchen. I love the higher neckline, because I've ruined far too many shirts by being careless over the frying pan!

    14. This adorable plant pots with matching saucers that are the cutest possible containers for your plant babies. Since they come in two colours, use the pink ones for blooming flowers, and the green ones for your veggies — or just go crazy and mix 'em up!

    15. This plush rug that not only looks great, but is actually super comfortable to sit on — just look at that dense, spongey pile! If you, like me, enjoy chillin' on the floor, this rug is the perfect addition to your living space. I promise your keister will thank you.

    16. This four-piece measuring set that'll help you nail the golden ratio — well, at least in baking. No more guessing at proportions. Like seriously, why do all the teaspoons look the same size? Just reach for this gilded set, and you'll be whipping up perfect homemade treats in no time.

    17. These thick, textured towels that'll upgrade your bathroom experience to one of spa-level luxury. They're not just nice to look at, either: The plush, soft cotton is ultra absorbent AND each towel has loops on the long side for easy hanging.

    18. These blush-coloured bedsheets that'll make you look forward to bedtime every night. They're made of densely-woven organic cotton, so they're not only incredibly soft, but also really durable — great for active sleepers!

    19. This elegant drink dispenser that'll jazz up your next social gathering. The clear glass will make it easy for everyone to see exactly what's ~on tap~, while the stainless steel lid will keep out dust and bugs (because there's nothing worse than a drowned fly in your sangria).

    20. This mug with a gold bamboo leaf motif that'll help you elevate your drinkware collection. It's great for your fave beverages, like tea or coffee, but don't limit yourself. You can even use it as impromptu candle votives, if the mood strikes.

    21. This glazed stoneware plate that'll look great as a serving dish for anything you cook up. And the process of glazing creates a unique effect on every dish, so no two are alike.

    22. And lastly, this marble vase that doesn't need to be filled with flowers to look lovely. Sure, you can throw in some springtime blooms (like tulips), but it's also sturdy enough to hold branches of pussy willows, or even smaller bits of driftwood if that's more your style.

    Let's call MTV: Cribs.