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    20 Life-Saving Products For Anyone With Short Hair

    Short hair, don't care! Okay, maybe we care a little bit.

    1. This Briogeo micro-exfoliating charcoal shampoo that'll give your head the deep cleanse you've been looking for. The combo of charcoal, coconut, peppermint, and spearmint oils is a powerful one — and a total life-saver for anyone who uses product in their hair on the daily.

    2. This crystal-embellished oversized barrette that'll help solve any problematic bad hair days. It's humongous, eye-catching, and unquestionably glam. And it'll help hold any annoying little wisps, if you're in that annoying stage of growing out your pixie.

    3. This hair refresher that really goes the ~extra mile~ to give you the bounciest, healthiest, freshest hair you've ever had. It absorbs excess oil, gives you natural-looking texture, improves hair elasticity, AND protects hair from damage. Plus, it's infused with lavender oil, so it smells fantastic.

    4. This thermal protection spray that does double duty as a shield against environmental stressors and a richly-scented hair perfume. The best part is that it can be used a million different ways, depending on what your locks need at the time. Need a de-tangler? Done. Want something to prevent your colour from fading? Done. Just looking for a great thermal protector? We've got a winner.

    5. This magical overnight dry shampoo treatment that'll help you skip that morning wash. Dust this baby in your hair before bedtime, and wake up to clean, volumized, and refreshed hair. No tricks or gimmicks here — it's powered by toxin-absorbing charcoal that even sucks up bad smells.

    6. This twisted silk headband, because sometimes you need your hair out of your face — and why not go glam? Unlike some headbands, this one is super gentle on your hair, and won't chafe or damage your 'do.

    7. A reinvigorating hair bath that'll boost your faded colour AND give your locks a lift. It's a lot harder to hide those grown-out roots when you have short hair. And this product is here👏to👏help👏! It uses goodies like pumpkin seed oil and shea butter to keep your tresses looking fresh, no matter how long it's been since your last appointment.

    8. This Ouai texturizing spray that'll help you achieve that coveted ~bedhead~ look. It has a touch of hair spray, too, so your tousled mane will look fantastic all day long. AND it's talc-free, so your hair will never look or feel chalky. Go ahead and experiment with your look!

    9. Some super vibrant semi-permanent hair colour, because changing your whole hairstyle is a LOT trickier when you don't have much to work with. And since it's semi-permanent, you can change it up as often as you like. Hair boredom = BUSTED.

    10. This cult-favourite dry shampoo from Living Proof that'll help jazz up your locks when they're feeling less than fresh — after all, you can't just toss your hair into a ponytail. Just a few spritzes of this baby will actually clean your hair and give it some bodacious volume. I keep a mini one in my bag to refresh my hair after workouts!

    11. This boar bristle paddle brush that'll help keep your hair smooth, sleek, and healthy throughout all the heat styling. The bristles are fantastic at gripping even the teensiest, shortest hairs, and can eliminate the need for hot tools (like straighteners). I use this on the daily to keep my bangs in check!

    12. This peony-scented conditioner, because short hair needs love, too. This mild, floral-scented formula helps to improve hair's manageability — a true blessing for anyone who can't easily conceal a bad hair day. And if you're in the growing-out stage, it'll help your hair grow in soft and strong!

    13. A bottle of Ouai Hair Oil that's suuuuper light and great for fine hair. It works actual miracles on frizz and won't weigh your locks down, so you can maintain some volume.

    14. Some de-stressing hair elixir, because daily washing and constant product use takes its toll on shorter strands. This leave-in conditioner is packed with chamomile, neroli, and patchouli essences that gently release throughout the day. That's the smell of relaxation, baby!

    15. A non-greasy pomade that makes it a lot easier to recreate those Insta-worthy, super funky pixies right at home. I love that this pomade is designed to be worked AND re-worked, which means you can easily switch up your 'do throughout the day.

    16. This leave-in detangler that'll nip flyaways right in the bud. It seals moisture in the hair shaft, so your short locks won't ever feel frazzled, fried, or frizzy. You can also say goodbye to annoying knots, while you're at it!

    17. This matte pink invisibobble that'll never kink or tug your hair when you just need it out for your face for a hot minute. Sure, not all of us with short hair have enough to put up, but those with bobs (or lobs) can still manage to corral a few strands. And there's nothing worse than ruining a great hair day with a dumb hair tie!

    18. This TOCCA hair mist that'll make your strands smell like a fresh spring garden. Sometimes a quick spritz of a decadent scent is all you need — and this combo of lush pear and gardenia DELIVERS. It's formulated to release the smell every time you move, too! *dramatically flips hair*

    19. A slouchy lieutenant hat that'll look great on all lengths of short hair, whether you're sporting a lob or a super-short pixie. A jaunty chapeau is PERFECT for bad hair days (they happen to us, too), or if it's especially windy out. And I love that this one lets a few wisps peek out, so I don't end up looking like a bald baby.

    20. And lastly, this Aesop rose hair masque that's like giving your tresses a spa treatment. Packed inside that iconic tube is so much goodness, it's bonkers: Rose petal extract, grape seed, and lavender work together to give your hair shine and hydration. Plus, it tends to the oft-overlooked scalp, too.

    Hair envy is real, guys.

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