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    26 Super Cozy Things You Probably Need In Your Winter Wardrobe

    Cozy, comfy, and chic is a combo I can get behind.

    1. A waffle-knit pyjama set if you're tired of freezing your keister off while you're sleeping. It's cute enough to rock as loungewear, too (psst — the top would also make a great base layer under your fave sweaters).

    a smiling person wearing a matching long sleeve and short pyjama set

    2. A soft Hanes sweatshirt that reviewers say is the comfiest one they've ever owned. It's easy to see why — it's perfectly oversized, super soft, and looks just as good worn with tights as it does layered over a fancy collared shirt.

    a person wearing the sweatshirt over a collared shirt

    3. A pair of fluffy slingback Ugg slippers if you don't wanna sacrifice style for coziness. The plush shearling footbed will keep your tootsies from freezing if you need to pop out to get the mail or drop the garbage at the curb.

    A pair of brightly-coloured fuzzy sandals

    4. A convertible balaclava that'll adjust to suit all your winter weather needs. It's lined with super soft faux fur and can be worn as a simple hood, a full balaclava, a scarf, or even as a face mask.

    a person wearing the convertible balaclava

    5. A puffer scarf if your knitted ones just aren't cutting it anymore. It's got a pull-through closure, which means it won't come flapping off at the first sign of gusty weather.

    a person wearing a puffer scarf

    6. A cozy winter coat that's got reviewers all in a tizzy — and it's filled with plush down to boot. It's packed with pockets and even has a fully-lined hood for when the winter weather really sets in.

    7. A pack of bestselling wool blend socks that'll keep your toes comfy-cozy (without making them uncomfortably sweaty in the process). Reviewers say they never feel itchy or pinch at the ankles, either!

    8. A chunky turtleneck if you're tired of whistling winds creeping down your spine. It's even long enough to wear as a sweater dress or tunic on the days when pants are just...not gonna happen.

    a person wearing the oversized turtleneck as a tunic

    9. A plush headband that'll keep your noodle toasty on your next jog. It's got a neat lil' notch to slip your ponytail through and oversized flaps that'll cover your ears (and not just the tips).

    10. A fluffy faux fur coat that'll help you hide from the snow and sleet. The exaggerated style is great for popping on over all your thick sweaters, and it has a plush fully-lined hood you can snuggle in when things get a bit chilly.

    a smiling person wearing the oversized faux fur coat with a matching cableknit sweater and ripped jeans

    11. A pair of ultra-long cashmere blend gloves that'll keep your digits from freezing this winter. They've got handy touchscreen patches on the index fingers and thumbs so you'll still be able to shoot your pals a message (without succumbing to frostbite).

    12. A pair of thermal leggings if you're tired of your gams getting frosty the second you step out of your house. They've got a ton of hidden pockets to stash your stuff and they're sweat-wicking, too, for when you're running, riding, or just going for a stroll.

    a smiling person wearing the thermal leggings

    13. A fleecy hooded blanket if you wanna stay warm while you're puttering around the house. It even has handy arm sleeves so you can still cook, clean, or play on your phone without exposing your grabbers to the chilly air.

    14. A waterproof bucket hat that'll help you outsmart Mother Nature. It's lightly padded to keep heat in and is lined with breathable fabric to stop your head from turning into a sweaty mess.

    a person wearing the quilted bucket hat

    15. An extra-long robe with a zippered front that'll never unravel while you're trying to get your lounge on. Reviewers love that the zip closure goes all the way to the floor so you can stay toasty from tip to toe (no matter how drafty your place is).

    a person wearing the ankle-length zippered robe

    16. An oversized leopard-print sweater if you're bored of traditional knits. It's got distressed detailing at the hems, cuffs, and neckline and can even be worn off the shoulder, if that's more your style.

    17. A pair of heated socks that'll keep your feet delightfully snuggly when the temps start to dip. They even have a convenient pocket to keep the battery pack in place while you're frolicking in the snow.

    a pair of heated socks next to their packaging

    18. A fuzzy sherpa sweatshirt that'll put you in the mood for some serious snugglin'. It's got a huge front pocket that'll be perfect for tucking your cold hands into (or just stashing an extra lip balm).

    a person wearing the fuzzy sweatshirt while sipping coffee at a dining table

    19. A pair of chic Sorel boots that'll keep your feet warm and dry all season long. Those treaded soles are no joke, guys — they're textured to grip any all surfaces so you'll be able to find your footing on slippery sidewalks.

    20. A fleece neck warmer if you're tired of getting tangled in scarves. It's long enough to pull up over your face when the days start to get really cold and will stretch to fit so it'll feel nice and snug (rather than loose and flappy).

    a person wearing the fleece neck warmer

    21. A staple crewneck sweater from lululemon that won't make you sweat under all your winter layers. It's super soft and even has a hidden pocket for keeping all your small essentials.

    22. A cropped water-resistant puffer that reviewers say is a fantastic dupe for other, more expensive styles. It's got a cozy fleece lining and a stand collar so you could skip the scarf on warmer days (remember those?).

    a smiling person wearing the cropped waterproof puffer coat over a dress

    23. A cozy wool shacket that's perfect for layering over all your chunky sweaters. It's long enough to cover your bum so you can even rock it with dresses or leggings without sacrificing on warmth.

    a person wearing the oversized wool shacket; it has puffed sleeves and snap closures

    24. A cozy winter toque that'll keep your head warm all season long. Reviewers say it's basically the perfect winter hat — it's not too thin, not too bulky, and never makes their head overheat.

    25. An oversized blanket shawl so you can add an extra layer of warmth, without adding bulk to your outfit. Reviewers say it's super-soft and *chef's kiss* for throwing on over their at-home outfits, too.

    A person wearing the blanket shawl with a pair of knee high boots while holding a coffee

    26. And lastly, an airy cashmere scarf that's as soft as a lamb's ear (and wickedly cozy). And at nearly two metres long, you can easily wrap it around your neck a few times when the frosty breezes really start up.

    a person wearing the cashmere scarf wound around their neck with a matching sweater

    Me, settling in for a long winter snooze:

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