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    29 Sephora Canada Products Under $30 If You Wanna Rejig Your Routine On A Budget This Year

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    1. A 3-in-1 shower brush that'll detangle, define, and style your tightly-coiled curls. It's designed to be extra gentle, which means it won't pull or snag (even on thick or textured hair).

    a person holding up two of the shower brushes next to their textured hair

    2. A colour-changing lip balm that'll transform into your own personal shade of ~fab~. It's super hydrating, goes on silky-smooth, and will even plump up your pucker in the process.

    A close up of someone applying the lip balm to their lips and the shade changing gradually

    3. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that'll strengthen your locks and leave them frizz free, without weighing them down. It's infused with bamboo extract, moringa seed oil, and argan oil and will deliver some seriously hydrating results with just a few drops.

    4. A coffee body scrub that'll give your skin a major wake-up call. It doesn't contain any microplastics or harsh scrubbing beads, either — thanks to ground coffee, almond oil, and vitamin E, you'll step out of the shower looking freshly buffed and silky-smooth.

    a rear view of a person's booty covered in the coffee body scrub

    5. A moisturizing hand mask if your grabbers are a bit on the dry and crispy side. Thanks to their glove design, you won't have to worry about them slipping off before they can work their magic (which only takes about 15 minutes, BTW).

    someone typing on a keyboard while wearing the moisturizing gloves

    6. A semi-sheer skin tint that'll help you put your best face forward. The radiant finish actually helps smooth out and blur imperfections (not that you have any!), while still letting your natural skin shine through.

    a pile of different shades of the skin tint

    7. A hydrating cleansing foam that'll make your skin feel like it just sipped a mega-size matcha. Yep — it's got real green tea extract, which means it'll balance out both oily and dry complexions.

    a person squeezing the cleanser onto their open palm

    8. A pair of terrycloth hair scrunchies that'll suck the water out of your strands and help you cut down on drying time. Reviewers say they work well even on thick hair and leave their strands feeling soft and looking great (without any hot tools).

    a person tightening the scrunchie in their wet hair

    9. An acne gel that reviewers say can even eliminate those pesky pimples hiding under their skin. It'll keep the redness and swelling down and stop any potential scarring from happening after, too.

    someone holding up a bottle of the acne gel with a caption, bye maskne!

    10. A hand cream packed with peptides that'll absorb quickly, repair dry skin, and keep your grabbers protected from daily life. Bonus: It's completely fragrance-free and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

    11. A bottle of sulfate-free shampoo that won't glop up your mane with tons of chemicals and additives. It lathers easily and infuses hair with a ton of nutrients, which means you could even skip the conditioner if you're in a pinch.

    A person holding up a bottle of shampoo

    12. A lengthening mascara that'll stretch your lil' lashies out to their fullest potential. Reviewers say it holds a curl all day long (even on straight lashes), without smudging or flaking.

    a set of three before and afters where the afters show lashes that are lengthened and defined

    13. An aluminum-free deodorant if you're trying to cut a few chemicals out of your routine. It'll banish stink and, thanks to papaya enzymes, will also help eliminate ingrown hairs and discolouration in the process.

    someone holding a tube of the deodorant against their skin

    14. An oval-shaped tinted lip balm that's designed to tuck right into the corners of your lips, while staying flat in your pocket, too. It's infused with hyaluronic acid and peppermint oil that'll give your pucker a plumping boost.

    a person opening a tube of the oval shaped lip balm

    15. A purple conditioner if your blonde mane could use a lil' tune up. It'll bust brassiness while helping to repair some of the damage done by chemical processing (psst — it also works great on grey and dark hair!).

    16. A coconut milk bath soak that'll make your next dip feel a trip to a tropical island. It's got real coconut milk powder mixed right in, which means your skin will feel soft and hydrated even after you towel off.

    a person dunking the jar of bath soak into a foamy bath

    17. A pack of hair coils that won't snag your baby hairs or leave bumps in your mane. Once they get a little stretched out, just drop them in hot water and watch them shrink right back to their original size.

    A hand holding several of the clear, coiled hair ties

    18. A rosy lip and cheek tint if you're tired of lugging dozens of products around in your makeup bag. Reviewers say it has impressive lasting power and can be easily layered on the days you want a little more *drama*.

    19. A strengthening base coat that'll keep your tips in top shape. No more splitting, breaking, cracking, peeling! And don't worry — it dries clear.

    20. An all-natural body wash that won't aggravate sensitive skin. Reviewers say it doesn't strip away moisture, either, so you could skip the post-shower moisturizer if you're in a pinch.

    someone scrubbing their body using the all natural body wash

    21. A tube of Laneige lip balm that reviewers say moisturizes their smoocher way better than other products. It'll never feel waxy or sticky and actually helps lock in moisture so even windy winter days won't leave your lips dry and flaky.

    a person applying the balm to their lips

    22. A DIY rubber mask that'll give your skin that just-left-the-spa glow. All the components are kept separate (in the iconic packaging, OFC) right until you're ready to slather it on.

    two people pretending to sip out of the mask containers that are stylized to look like soft drink cups

    23. A Tower 28 lip jelly that'll hydrate your pucker (and leave it looking plump and juicy, too). The formula's oil-based, which means it'll feel slick and smooth, instead of gummy and sticky.

    24. A cream highlighter that'll make your skin look perfectly dewy, instead of shiny or slick. It's packed with ingredients you'll find in fancy skincare (like hyaluronic acid and marshmallow root extract) that'll plump, hydrate, and even reduce redness.

    25. An energizing sheet mask if your complexion is looking a smidge tired lately. It's got caffeine, green tea, and hyaluronic acid that'll boost your natural glow (and maybe trick people into thinking you actually got enough sleep for once).

    a person wearing the two-piece sheet mask; metallic detailing is visible

    26. A tube of Caudalie hand and nail cream if your grabbers are totally parched from all that hand washing. It'll even help keep your nails in tip-top condition!

    27. An eyeshadow pencil if you don't wanna mess around with brushes and blenders. It'll give you serious colour payoff and will blend like a dream (it's even got coconut oil to help keep things hydrated).

    a smiling person looking into the camera while rocking brightly-hued eyeshadow

    28. A pack of absorbent hydrocolloid pore strips that'll make your pores seem basically invisible, while gently coaxing out dirt and impurities. Thanks to the addition of vitamin A, they'll also stop new breakouts from appearing, too.

    A person applying one of the pore strips to their nose

    29. A creamy blush that'll add a pop of colour to your wintery cheeks, without looking clumpy, chunky, or streaky. The formula's also rich in aloe vera and green tea extract that'll condition your skin while you're rocking it.

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