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    44 Things That'll Make Your Life A Whole Lot Less Stressful In 2022

    Goodbye, problems, and hello, relaxation.

    1. A set of buttery microfibre bedsheets if you're tired of tossing and turning at bedtime. Reviewers say they're actually as soft as they look and love that they magically repel pet hair and dust, too.

    a bed made up with the soft microfibre sheets

    2. A pack of nearly-invisible pimple patches that'll help you zap that zit and get on with your day. Reviewers say they not only suck up gunk better than pricier patches and treatments, but that they flatten the area, too, so your makeup will glide right over it.

    A close up of a person holding one of the pimple patches

    3. An iron fish that'll help you get your fix naturally, without all those pesky supplements. It's endlessly reusable and doesn't leave behind any gross metallic aftertaste so you can toss it into food and drinks without ruining their flavour.

    an iron fish

    4. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp that'll keep your porcelain throne looking (and smelling) fresh as a daisy, while minimizing chore time in the process. It couldn't be any easier to use — just stamp it into your toilet bowl and get on with your business.

    5. A wireless hand massager if your grabbers are tired from all your hard work. It's got a warming function to ease tense muscles and can even massage each knuckle and finger individually.

    a smiling person dozing off on their desk while the device massages their hand

    6. A beard bib that'll catch all the tiny shrapnel before it has a chance to make a mess of your vanity. It'll attach right to your mirror and reviewers love that it has an adjustable neck closure so you won't get asphyxiated next time you need a trim.

    a person trimming their facial hair while wearing the beard bib

    7. A melatonin skin serum that'll help your complexion get some much-needed rest. The solid stick formula is easy to apply (no matter how zonked you are at the end of the day).

    A person holds the solid serum in their hand

    8. A light therapy lamp so you can kick seasonal affective disorder to the curb. Reviewers say it's remarkably effective at boosting moods during the darker months and they love that it's compact enough to fit into just about any living space.

    The light positioned upright on a nightstand; someone is reaching out to adjust the brightness

    9. A portable carpet cleaner that reviewers say eliminates stains AND stinks in literal seconds. The interchangeable heads make it easy to clean all those hard-to-reach nooks, too, like stair edges, curtains, and upholstery.

    Someone using the vacuum to clean a stain off their carpet

    10. A pair of low-profile sleep buds that won't fall out while you're snoozing. They'll stream relaxing and noise-masking sounds that'll drown out your mother-in-law's snoring so you can finally get some rest (make sure you download the companion app).

    a person sleeping on their side while wearing the sleep pods in their ears

    11. A wrinkle-releasing mist that'll de-crease all your linens so you won't ever have to whip out your ironing kit. Since it's free of dyes and chemical additives (the formula's plant-based), you can spritz this liquid magic on everything from trousers to curtains without worry.

    12. A portable door lock so you'll never have to lose sleep wondering if you did, in fact, lock the front door. It's easy to install (in seconds, with no tools!), which means you won't even have to hire a locksmith.

    13. A waterproof security camera so you can peep in on your porch when you're out running errands. Recording starts the second it detects movement and it's equipped with excellent night vision so you'll never miss a thing.

    A mini security camera covered in rain water

    14. A pair of heatable slippers that'll melt away tension, ease pain, and help your feet relax after a long day. The removable inserts are filled with natural grains, plus lavender buds to really amp up the ~chill~ factor.

    a pair of heatable slippers

    15. A pack of melatonin gummies that'll help you fall asleep, and stay that way, too. Reviewers love that they don't experience any side effects (like grogginess or dependency) after taking them.

    A person holding out a jar of the gummies while sitting in bed

    16. A cold therapy ice roller that'll de-puff your skin, smooth your pores, and help all your expensive skincare absorb better. It's also really effective at fighting headaches and migraines.

    17. An overflow drain cover that'll give your next soak a few extra inches of H2O. Reviewers say it fits all kinds of tubs and is way easier than messing around with the drain yourself.

    The transparent drain cover on an overflow drain in a full tub

    18. A double-sided cooling blanket that'll stop night sweats in their tracks. It's lightweight, breathable, and even has a cozy cotton side for the nights when you need a little extra warmth.

    a child sleeping on a couch under the cooling blanket

    19. A pack of dry cleaning sheets if you're tired of lugging your linens to the dry cleaner every few months. They can clean all kinds fabrics, including those "special care" items you've been hiding at the back of your closet.

    a person putting one of the dry cleaning sheets into the dryer with a bunch of clothing

    20. A zit-fighting facial oil that'll help calm down your stress-induced breakouts. A few drops will reduce inflammation and irritation, without sucking all the moisture out of your skin like other acne products.

    A bottle of the facial oil on a bathroom vanity

    21. A pack of aromatherapy pillow patches if you're tired of your pillow spray fading before you doze off. Since they're made of cotton canvas, they won't crinkle loudly while you're trying to relax and won't stain your fancy silk pillowcases, either.

    a person peeling off the backing of the cotton aromatherapy patch

    22. A roll of double-sided carpet tape that'll stop your rugs from bunching and sliding around. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave behind any residue so you can rearrange your decor without worrying about sticky spots.

    a person peeling the backing off the carpet tape

    23. A handy house plant guide that'll help you keep your greenery alive. Reviewers love that the wording is simple and succinct so you won't need to learn any technical mumbo-jumbo to rescue your plants from the brink of death.

    A book titled how not to kill your houseplant

    24. A pet hair remover that'll solve even the hairiest problem. With no sticky strips, you can reuse this roller over and over (and over) again, no matter how much your cat sheds on your favourite sweater.

    25. An anti-fog cloth that'll keep your lenses clear the next time you mask up. It'll help prevent surface condensation and can be used on everything from spectacles to binoculars.

    The anti-fog cloth only used on one of the lenses of Kat's glasses, and the lens it was not used on is fogged up while the one is is used on is totally clear

    26. A bestselling (and NSFW) guide to handling all of life's most stressful situations. It's full of practical tips for managing anxiety that reviewers say are hilarious and totally non-judgmental.

    the cover of calm the f*ck down

    27. A waterproof scalp massager that will kickstart your mornings and ease any tension — headaches begone! The rubber tips gently vibrate to lather up shampoo, exfoliate the scalp, and even help stimulate hair growth, too.

    A person using the vibrating head massager under the shower

    28. A pack of pop-open affirmation cards that'll give your mood a lil' boost during your dark days. Reviewers love sharing these little positive notes with friends and family and say they're perfect for tucking into cards or lunchboxes.

    Someone holding up one of the pop-open affirmation cards

    29. A Philips sunrise alarm clock that'll gently rouse you from your slumber. It'll help you fall asleep faster, too, and plays gentle nature sounds so you can start your days off on the right foot.

    a person touching the top of the sunrise alarm clock

    30. A pack of detoxing foot pads that are designed to help ease stress. Reviewers say they sleep better and wake up feeling more rested after wearing these overnight — plus, no more sore feet!

    A close up of the bottom of a person's feet where the pads have been applied

    31. A genius upright broom set that'll trap hair and other home debris after you've swept it. Thanks to little teeth around the rim of the dustpan, you won't need to remove all that crap by hand.

    An upright broom and dustpan where the dustpan has dirt-removing teeth around the rim

    32. A mini Theragun massager for when you need some *major* tension relief. It's small enough to tuck into your bag or nightstand, so you won't have to sacrifice any precious real estate on your mission for relaxation.

    33. A portable white noise machine that'll drown out unpleasant sounds, ease your tinnitus, and help you catch some Zzzs. Reviewers say it has richer and deeper tones than similar gizmos on the market and love that it puts babies to sleep in a snap.

    Someone hanging the white noise machine on a door handle

    34. A pack of natural heating patches that'll deliver some toasty therapy when curling around a hot water bottle is a no-go. They start working the moment they're unwrapped and can be slapped on anywhere you've got an ouchie (like your belly or lower back).

    Someone lounging on a couch with the heating pad stuck to the front of their undies

    35. A vegan drink blend packed with calming lavender so you can sip your way to bliss. It's anti-inflammatory and soothes restlessness, too, which means you can actually get a good night's rest.

    a packet of the drink mix next to two glasses filled with the brightly-coloured drink

    36. An eczema-relieving stick that'll help you fend off any outbreaks of dry, itchy, painful skin. It's unscented, anti-inflammatory, and will help to speed up the healing process, too.

    A person applying the stick to their hands

    37. An acupressure mat that'll relax your tense muscles from tip to toe. It has thousands of massaging nodes that reviewers say are more effective at reducing aches and pains than other, more expensive remedies.

    A person lying on the acupressure mat

    38. A bottle of moisturizing hand sanitizer that'll kill germs and bacteria, without leaving your skin dry, flaky, or irritated. It smells like cedar and citrus (rather than stinky alcohol) so you'll *actually* wanna use it.

    A person holding up a bottle of the hand sanitizer

    39. A pack of exfoliating foot masks that'll give your tootsies the TLC they totally deserve. They'll slough away dead and rough skin in a flash — reviewers say they had baby-soft feet after just one use.

    40. A set of candy-coloured silicone spatulas that'll never melt or scratch your cookware. Reviewers love that they're made of one solid piece of material so bacteria or water can't sneak in and contaminate your tools (that makes them easy to clean, too).

    a set of vividly coloured cooking utensils

    41. A set of sticky bug traps that'll get rid of annoying flying pests once and for all. Reviewers say they're way more effective than homemade traps and can even be juiced up with a few drops of apple cider vinegar if you have a particularly persistent pest problem.

    42. An aloe vera-infused pillow that'll cradle your noggin so you'll never wake up with a crick in your neck ever again. It's made of memory foam that'll adjust to every position, while keeping you cool and comfy all night long.

    43. A relaxing face mask that'll soothe any stress-related breakouts and leave your skin looking healthy and happy. It's powered by cannabis seed extract, but don't fret — it's non-psychoactive so you can reap the benefits without the high.

    44. And lastly, a password logbook that'll help you keep track of all your log-in info (oh, I need a capital letter, a number, AND a special character? Cool). It's got alphabetized tabs and has spots for other relevant info, too, like software license or account numbers.

    the password logbook stacked on top of a spiral notebook next to a laptop

    Here's to leave stress behind in 2021!

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