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    ENHYPEN Did The Puppy Interview And It Was Everything We Dreamed Of

    *Puppy sits on NI-KI's lap* "He has been chosen."

    Our first puppy interview of 2023 is for the ENGENEs!

    The boys of ENHYPEN, NI-KI, JUNGWON, SUNOO, HEESEUNG, SUNGHOON, JAY, and JAKE, all sat down with some cute pups to answer your questions!

    They cover everything from life advice, things they learned from living with each other, and what they want ENHYPEN to be remembered for.

    Tune in below to watch them give thoughtful answers all while cuddling with adorable and adoptable puppies!

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    Be sure to keep up with all things ENHYPEN by following them @ENHYPEN on Instagram and Twitter and catch their headline performance at the We Bridge Music Festival & Expo in Las Vegas this April.

    Shout out to our wonderful shelter partner, North Shore Animal League America, for providing these adoptable puppy friends!