16 Awesome Fan Shrines For Pop Stars

These people love their favorite musicians. Like, really love them.

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6. Justin Bieber

Via dailyecho.co.uk

This is only a small part of UK teenager Holly Sennett's bedroom Bieber museum. Also, we know her love is real because it's more than skin-deep: "Even if he was ugly, I’d still like him,” she says.

12. Elvis Presley

Via commercialappeal.com

Mississippi resident Paul MacLeod, has an Elvis collection so extensive that it includes AN AIRTIGHT BAG OF PANTIES that fans threw at the King over the years (so revoltingly curious as to how that would smell unsealed OOF SORRY I'M THE WORST)

15. Spice Girls

Via guinnessworldrecords.com

Elizabeth West of the UK has the world's largest Spice Girls collection, which contains over 2,000 items. I bet it includes plenty of that weird, hard gum that we all used to hoard that came wrapped in SG stickers.