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    17 Easy-To-Use Products That Might Help You To Actually Get Stuff Done In The House

    If you've been putting that Big Spring Clean off for weeks, now's your time to shine!

    1. The Job: waking yourself up in the morning – The Solution: these shower steamer cubes.

    2. The Job: sorting out your wardrobe – The Solution: these 'magic' space-saving hangers.

    3. The Job: putting away your winter clothes – The Solution: these vacuum storage bags.

    4. The Job: hanging up your large mirrors and prints – The Solution: these heavy-duty command strips.

    5. The Job: dusting your ceiling and other hard-to-reach areas – The Solution: this extendable microfibre duster.

    6. The Job: getting things done without being distracted by your phone – The Solution: this mobile phone jail cell.

    7. The Job: cleaning your floor when you're feeling lazy – The Solution: these floor-mopping slippers.

    8. The Job: pretty much any small and fiddly job – The Solution: this Wallet Ninja multi-tool.

    9. The Job: cleaning teeny-tiny nooks and crannies – The Solution: these deep-clean brushes.

    10. The Job: giving those long-neglected spots a proper ~deep~ clean – The Solution: this electrical cleaning brush.

    11. The Job: cleaning your windows – The Solution: this microfibre wiping cloth.

    12. The Job: tackling your shoe cupboard – The Solution: these space-saving shoe racks.

    13. The Job: scrubbing anything and everything in your home – The Solution: this Scrub Daddy sponge.

    14. The Job: organising your kitchen cupboard – The Solution: this elevated storage shelf.

    15. The Job: organising your fridge – The Solution: this sliding fridge shelf attachment.

    16. The Job: re-potting your plant – The Solution: this gorgeous rattan plant pot.

    17. The Job: washing your clothes but making it eco and wallet-friendly – The Solution: this Ecoegg.