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Home? Navigating Summer Break

Whether you're moving back home for the summer, staying on campus, or going somewhere new, transitioning from the school year to summer break is hard. Come to our last Tuesday @ 7 workshop of the semester to learn more about navigating the challenges these changes bring. Join us Tuesday, May 1st at 7pm in the Illini Union room 407. In the meantime, check out these tips for summer success:

#FinishStrongIllinois - Finals Prep

Hey Illinois! We’ve almost made it to finals week. We want you all to finish strong - and we are here to help! Join the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals on Tuesday, April 24th at 7:00 p.m. in the Mechanical Engineering building room 135 for a workshop about how to prep for finals. As a preview into our #FinishStrongIllinois Tuesday @ 7 workshop, here are some tips (and gifs) to help you prepare for finals:

Coping Skills For Discrimination

For many people, discrimination is an everyday reality. When people think of discrimination, most of the time their minds go to race-related situations. Although people from racial or ethnic minorities are most likely to report experiences of day-to-day discrimination, there are other forms of discrimination as well that should be discussed. Other forms of discrimination include age, gender, education, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation. This Tuesday @ 7 workshop focuses on the difficulties students on campus may face while dealing with the issues of discrimination on and off campus. Join us at the Illini Union Room 404 on April 17th at 7PM. In the meantime, check out these tips:

#BeyondTheScreen: Online Mental Health

Social media is a part of our everyday lives. Come to the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals upcoming Tuesday @ 7 workshop to share your interesting stories about social media. We will also discuss what happens on social media and how it relates to mental health! Join us at 7pm on Tuesday, April 10th in Lincoln Hall room 1066. Here are some spoilers on what to expect from the upcoming workshop:

Empowerment & Balance in Relationships

Relationships, we’ve all got them. Whether it’s with your friends, family, or your significant other, we’re all trying to navigate how to feel accepted, understood and happy within the relationships we have. So what makes a healthy relationship? What about an unhealthy relationship? And how does individuality play into relationships? For all this and more, join the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals for our Tuesday @ 7 workshop: Empowerment & Balance in Relationships at La Casa Cultural Latina on Tuesday, April 3rd at 7pm! In the meantime, check out this sneak peek:

Challenging Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a habit that can affect many students. We might experience perfectionism when we are writing essays, taking on projects, or working to maintain an outstanding GPA. As Counseling Center Paraprofessionals, our goal is to help students, so for this upcoming Tuesday @ 7, we will prioritize helping students understand what perfectionism is, what healthy versus unhealthy habits look like, and how to combat perfectionism. Come join us on March 27th at 7pm at the Asian American Cultural Center. Before then, check out this sneak peek:

Spring Break Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol use in college is prevalent. We use alcohol to celebrate, socialize, relax, relieve stress, and enhance enjoyment. Many of us have consumed alcohol at some point. The Counseling Center Paraprofessionals will be hosting a Tuesday @ 7 workshop to help you learn to drink safely and mindfully over spring break as well as in the future. Come join us in the Illini Union room 407 this Tuesday, March 13th at 7pm to learn more! In the meantime, check out these tips:

Prioritizing Time And Yourself

Prioritization is key to being successful. With exams, papers, projects, and everything else on your to-do list, times can become stressful. The Counseling Center Paraprofessionals are here to help! At our upcoming Tuesday @ 7 workshop, we will address how to better prioritize your tasks, give you some tips for avoiding procrastination, and finally, help you find balance in your life so you have time to take care of yourself! Join us at 7PM at the ARC MP7 on Tuesday, March 6! In the meantime, check out these tips:

Celebrating U! Body Diversity

Learn what it means to be healthy and how to love yourself for who you are! Open your mind to positive body ideas with engaging discussion! Come join the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals on Tuesday, February 27th at 7PM at the Women’s Resources Center. Here are some tips to embracing body diversity in the meantime:

Healthy Stress Management

Is stress on your mind? Trust us, you are not alone. In fact, studies show that 98% of college students will experience stress at some point every single semester. It is easy and natural to feel stressed, but it can be hard to manage stress in healthy ways. Join the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals on Tuesday, February 20th at 7PM in Mumford Hall Room 313 to talk about how to deal with stressors in ways that are good for you! Here is a sneak peek into some of the methods we will be discussing at our Tuesday at 7 Workshop.

Mental Health Ally Training

Join the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals for a discussion-based workshop on mental health. Learn how to support your peers by practicing active listening and responding skills. This workshop will prepare you to have tough conversations about mental health and create dialogues for social change regarding mental health. Join us on Tuesday, February 13th at 7PM at the Psychology Building Room 31.

Maintaining Emotional Well-Being

How are your emotions? Do you sometimes feel like you're too emotional or not emotional enough? Does it feel like your emotions are weighing you down? Maybe you feel like you’re not sure how to balance your own emotions with everything else going on in your life. Learning how to maintain your own emotional well-being is important throughout life. Come join the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals at our workshop on Maintaining Emotional Well-Being on Tuesday, February 6th at 7PM at the Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center. During our workshop, you will learn how to identify and accept your own emotions. You will also learn how to communicate your feelings to others in a positive way. We will also provide you with self-care ideas that you could implement into your daily life. Here are our top 5 tips to help you prepare for the workshop:

Self-Care And Wellness 101

Our goal is to help students analyze different facets of their lives on many levels including emotional, mental, physical, social, and financial to enhance overall wellness. Come learn about how health and wellness truly impact your life, along with discovering new tips on how to practice self-care. We will also participate in several activities and group discussions on how to improve student’s overall wellbeing and increase balance within a chaotic college lifestyle. Come join us Tuesday, January 30th at 7PM at the Armory in Room 146.

Stress Less For That Test

Are you feeling stressed about your upcoming finals? Do you or someone you know get anxious during tests? If so, we have the workshop for you. Join the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals on Tuesday,​ ​December​ ​12th​ ​from​ ​7:00​ ​pm​ ​-​ ​8:00​ ​pm​ ​in​ ​Illini​ ​Union​ ​Room​ ​404​ ​to learn how to Stress Less For That Test! We will be learning about different ways to manage test anxiety during this stressful time of year. Come take a study break to find out how to help yourself and others who get stressed out before or during exams! Here are 5 tips you can learn right now before our workshop:

Identity And Well-Being: Addressing Gender & Mental Health

Come engage in discussion and open your mind to explore some ideas on identity and well-being! Throughout this workshop we will be discussing several components of gender such as: gender roles, stereotypes, gender identity, socialization, and how they can impact mental health. We will also talk about how the exploration of gender is personal and the ways to remain positive through a self-explorative journey. Come join us at the Women’s Resources Center at 7pm on December 5th.

Finding Hope While Addressing Discrimination

Discrimination can take a toll on various aspects of your life, especially coupled with being a student. If you would like to learn more, please join us at La Casa Cultural Latina on Tuesday, November 28th at 7 P.M. We will define and discuss discrimination, its impact on students, resiliency, and coping strategies. In the meantime, here are some tips for how to get the most out of the upcoming workshop:

Managing The Unseen: The Impact Of Invisible Disabilities

There is more to people than what meets the eye! Managing the Unseen: The Impact of Invisible Disabilities is a workshop about invisible disabilities ranging from learning, physical, and mental disabilities. We will be discussing how all of these affect college students and how they are different from chronic illness. We will be meeting on Tuesday, November 14th in the Illini Union Room 404 at 7 pm. Join us!

Stay Well: Self-Care, Wellness, & Coping with Stress

Do you feel stressed out? Practicing healthy habits on all seven dimensions of wellness will increase your overall wellbeing and may help with the stress of midterms and papers. Come to the ARC (Activities and Recreation Center) room MP7 on Tuesday, November 7th at 7 pm for an interactive workshop presented by the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals that will examine the seven dimensions of wellness and facilitate conversations regarding coping strategies for common stressors among college students.

Anxiety: Supporting Yourself And Others

Are you a college student? If so, this may be helpful to you! One of the most common mental health problems affecting college students are anxiety disorders. According to ADAA, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. Out of those adults, 75% of them have reported having their first anxiety episode by the age of 22. Come see us at the Asian American Cultural Center on October 24 at 7pm for more information but before that, here are 5 tips for anxiety from the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals:

Combating Depression: Recognizing Your Own And Others' Power

This workshop will encompass the topic of depression, including information about warning signs and symptoms of depression and distress, and simulated role-play for learning skills to approach those who are in need. To learn more about your power against depression and your power to help people you care about, please join us on Tuesday, October 17th at 7pm in Illini Union, Room 404. We really hope to see you there!