What Can You Believe?

Telling the truth is so…vintage. We’re in the age of fake news now—it's the subject of our next UConn Science Salon in Boston—so take a seat and see how good you are at figuring out which UConn Today headlines are legit, and which are as fabricated as the ones your aunt is sharing on Facebook.

uconnalumni • 2 months ago

11 Signs You Might Be A UConn Husky

With Huskies Forever Weekend right around the corner on Oct. 20-22, 2017, all of UConn Nation is invited back to campus. Not sure if that means you? We hope this list will help.

uconnalumni • 11 months ago

Which UConn Husky Are You?

We know you're excited to come back to campus for Huskies Forever Weekend, and we know you bleed blue, but what UConn mascot are you? Take the quiz to find out which husky you are!

uconnalumni • One year ago

UConn Trivia For Huskies Forever Weekend

Get psyched for Huskies Forever Weekend this October by taking this UConn Trivia quiz! Think you're a UConn genius? Show us what you got!

uconnalumni • One year ago