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    8 Conservative #WINS On BuzzFeeᴅ Dot Com

    These guys really get social media huh

    1. Today's EPIC "8 Outrageous Things Planned Parenthood Was Caught Doing"

    2. Benny Johnson's classic "Ronald Reagan’s 31 Most YOLO Moments"

    3. The Heritage Fountation's WIN-filled "That One Time I Was Really, Really Excited About Obamacare"

    4. This other totally OMG post from Parenthood USA: "5 Radical Effects Of Personhood"

    5. The adorbs "Charles Koch Might Be An Elaborate Stephen Colbert Character"

    6. Really just the whole Charles Koch Institute BuzzFeeᴅ vertical!

    7. The LOL-worthy "Top 7 Myths About Personhood"

    8. The super-CUTE "What It Feels Like Being A Conservative On The Internet"

    It took three BuzzFeeᴅ staffers to make this viral sensation!

    9. And finally, the heartwarming "The Online Right is Freaking Awesome"

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